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Through the past 23 years, OPPEIN have accomplished more than 10,000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide. We especially provide whole house custom solution for commercial projects, including hotels, service apartments, and resorts. In recent years, our projects also involve schools, medical institutions, senior apartments and other fields.
The cooperation Process

Zimbabwe KS Villa Project

Harare, Zimbabwe

Product Supplied:

Kitchen cabinet, Wardrobe, Bathroom vanity, Interior door

Technical Support:

On-site measurement, Site supervision, Design & 3D pictures, Installation guidance

Zimbabwe KS Villa Project

Zimbabwe KS villa project is three-storey villa in modern and simple style. To fulfill the requirement of staying nature and warm, OPPEIN designer mainly focus on the usage of white and wood color in the whole villa.


Kitchen Cabinet:

A kitchen island is a great design to separate kitchen space and other area. Besides, smart electronics are appearing in the kitchen. There is study found that homeowners are choosing touchscreen controls in 1 in 4 new appliances that as replacements for their old gadgets. 

Getting the low-key look. Just one element —stool legs, with a different finish can help you avoid any matchy-matchy monotony and give your kitchen a bolder, lived-in edge.


This wardrobe design is inspired by minimalism and by love of functionality expressed in an effective and straightforward way. It is available hinged or sliding and in widths that go from the classic 70 cm to a maximum of 148 cm.

Bathroom Vanities:

The door’s structure is in wood but it can be customized in a wide range of finishes and materials that can be chosen from matt or brushed gloss lacquer in 20 color options, matt or gloss lacquered glass.

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