Work Your Wardrobe

Use as much vertical space as possible. Reach up as high as you can. 

Install tension rods, shelves or hooks right up to the ceiling of your wardrobe, and use the higher space to store bulkier or seasonal items, such as winter coats, boots and formal outfits.


Incorporate retractable features. Pullout shelves or open drawers are a great solution for keeping your belongings easily viewable. They allow you to cram your collection of sneakers into the farthest corner of your closet and still be able to see what you’re working with.


Retractable hooks are also a handy addition to any wardrobe, since they allow you to still feel organized after hoarding all those pretty scarves and shawls.


Divide and conquer. There’s something about dividing things into little compartments that immediately makes anyone feel much more organized. So prepare yourself for organizational bliss by designing pants rack and pull out basket. You could also use small gift boxes to create compartments or strips of thick cardboard to make your own dividers.



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