What are the different shape styles of kitchen cabinets?

Generally speaking, I-shaped and L-shaped kitchens are more suitable for kitchens with an area of 4 to 6 square meters, while the remaining II shaped, U-shaped and island-shaped kitchens are suitable for larger areas.


If you are going to choose a new kitchen cabinet or ready to renew it, here you may find out the answer. OPPEIN prepares to recommend you 6 normal shape styles of kitchen cabinets to you. Generally speaking, I-shaped and L-shaped kitchens are more suitable for kitchens with an area of 4 to 6 square meters, while the remaining II shaped, U-shaped and island-shaped kitchens are suitable for larger areas.

I Shape Kitchen Cabinet

The design of I shape kitchen cabinet is simple, clear and space-saving. According to your own habits, the operation areas are arranged in turn from left to right or from right to left including preparing, cooking and cleaning areas. Choosing a zigzag cabinet also means that the kitchen area is limited and the width of the kitchen is narrow.

Advantages of I shape kitchen cabinet:

It is most suitable for narrow space. There are no obstacles affecting the movement during operation. Every cabinet can be fully utilized and all the equipment can be seen at a glance.

I shaped kitchen cabinet is to place all appliances and cabinets along a wall, and it is just suitable for only one person working in the kitchen at the same time. That is to say, I shape cabinet is to connect the functional areas into a straight line, including the stove, cigarette machine, water tank, vegetable preparation area. The advantage is to optimize the space and brings a sense of openness. The disadvantage is not so much space to store things.

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II Shape Kitchen Cabinet

A II shape cabinet, also known as a corridor kitchen, establishes two rows of work and storage areas along two opposite walls. If food preparation is the focus of kitchen work, then this design is a major advantage. The corridor kitchen doesn't need much space. There are doors or windows at the end of the kitchen. It should be noted that the distance between the two opposite rows of cabinets should be kept at least 120 cm to ensure that there is enough space to open the cabinet door. For narrow space, one side can choose a cabinet with a depth of 60 cm, the other side can choose a cabinet with a depth of 35 cm.

Advantages of II shape kitchen cabinet:

It is a very convenient pattern, and it is usually used in a medium-sized kitchen or a wide space.

The II shape cabinet not only saves space, but also has a concise and beautiful appearance, which is especially popular in modern home. If there is a II shape kitchen cabinet in your house, it can not only help you put a lot of kitchen sundries, but also decorate your own kitchen.


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L Shape Kitchen Cabinet

L-shaped cabinet, in fact, on the basis of a zigzag cabinet, there is an additional corner part. Basically, the corner part is usually designed to be the location of the sink. In this way, the distance between the stove and the sink can be widened, the space of the vegetable preparation area can be increased, and the working flow of washing, preparing and stir-frying vegetable can be smoother.

Of course, with an extra corner space, storage capacity can be enhanced.

Advantages of L shape kitchen cabinet:

The L-shaped kitchen provides a perfect open concept of cooking experience. They satisfy the ideal entertainment and social activities, and can turn your kitchen into a real hub at home.

L shape kitchen is a semi-open kitchen, it can be satisfied with most types of kitchen, in the middle can also install an island table as a dining table, very space-saving. And it also provides adequate table and storage space.


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U Shape Kitchen Cabinet

While talking about the U shaped cabinets, it is especially suitable for large area kitchen, so this kind of cabinet is very popular in foreign countries. It is very convenient to pick up articles, and it can also meet the needs of two people in the kitchen, without interfering with each other.

Advantages of U shape kitchen cabinet:

There is more room for regional division and stronger storage capacity. If it is an open kitchen design, the counter on one side can also be used as a bar or dining table.

It can also utilize the advantage of kitchen corner, open the partition wall between kitchen and dining room, use the bar to establish partition, increase the kitchen's accommodation space, and also increase the function of dining and preparing meals.


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Island Kitchen Cabinet

Island terrace refers to a separate operating area which is independent of the kitchen cabinet and has cabinet body under it. It is only suitable for open kitchen. The biggest function of island terrace is to separate kitchen from other space.

Advantages of island shape kitchen cabinet:

At the beginning of the design, the kitchen island platform was mainly used for processing dishes, partitioning raw and cooked dishes or cleaning some fruits and vegetables according to people's living habits and preferences.

The kitchen island counter is innovated and combined into a bar and a temporary dining table. It can not only make place clean, but also be convenient to operate and reduce the redundant links in the middle.

Island-type kitchen cabinets have more operating countertops and storage space for many people to work in the kitchen at the same time. Basically, if you watch any European and American blockbusters, the probability of island cabinets is very useful!


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