Warmly Welcome Rosenheim Germany Visited OPPEIN

Professor Heinzmann and the students from Rosenheim Germany visited OPPEIN Wuxi production base on 23rd March, 2018. OPPEIN had cooperated with professor Heinzmann before, this time students from Rosenheim Germany were led to OPPEIN Wuxi production base to learn OPPEIN advanced production technology and exchange related production experience.


OPPEIN staff showed them to the factory’s production facilities and productivity.


OPPEIN adopts the world’s leading import flexible production lines, committed to provide quality products in every link from the opening, cutting, surface treatment, inspection, delivery. Germany HOMAG double-edged woodworking machine that OPPEIN adopts making the edge firmly and smooth.Rosenheim-Germany-visited-OPPEIN-Wuxi-production-base-3.jpg

There was also an on-site demonstration operation how the production process goes. Students from Rosenheim Germany had a Intuitive experience on the production.



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