Warmly Celebrating the Opening of OPPEIN Showroom in Tasmania, Australia


It is great news that OPPEIN Showroom in Tasmania of Australia will open in the next month. Since entering the market in 2004, this is the unique franchise house in Australia. In Tasmania, the one we cooperated with is the famous cabinetry manufacturer – Joinery Products PTY LTD in local place.

Tasmania is a population of 500,000 and it spreads across the state in many small cities. It is 300km from the north to the south. Joinery Products PTY LTD a family owned business was first formed in 1956 and has since built an excellent reputation for quality workmanship. It serves all of Tasmania and its head office and factory are in Devonport in the North about 5 minutes from the main shipping port in Tasmania. Its location enables is to supply to the north of Tasmania, also Hobart in the south and some projects in Melbourne.


As OPPEIN agent in Australia, We give great support to Joinery Products PTY LTD.

1. Samples (kitchen door , countertop and handle)

2. Free training of products, quotation and designed by OPPEIN

3. Free training of installation by OPPEIN

4. Free catalogue design supply

5. Website design supply

OPPEIN products and service have won constantly praise and recognition from customer in Australia and the use of OPPEIN products in Australia market has significantly increased in recent years, and continues to do so. Durability and beautiful design of OPPEIN products are to the taste of people there, especially for those people who really love the white kitchen cabinet with lacquer finish. As the Managing Director of Joinery Products PTY LTD, Marcus Kelly said that OPPEIN product quality is very high. OPPEIN is the leading cabinetry manufacturer in Asia and well-known household brand in China. OPPEIN provides the best products available and exceptional value.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!