6 Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas

6 beautiful vintage bathroom design ideas that you can incorporate into your bathroom renovation.

In recent years, vintage bathroom design has gained traction. Stylish and functional, a vintage bathroom transforms any modern space with its timeless charm. A vintage bathroom is all about creating a space that feels classic and luxurious, from clawfoot tubs to subway tiles. This blog will explore 6 vintage bathroom design ideas that you can incorporate into your bathroom renovation. If you are working on a period property or just looking to add some retro flair to your bathroom, these ideas are sure to inspire you. Let's dive into vintage bathroom design and discover its beauty!

1.  Wooden Vanity


A wooden vanity can be the key to vintage bathroom decor. With its warm and inviting texture, wood creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom. Natural materials and a connection to nature are often associated with vintage designs emphasizing organic texture. Wooden vanities can be finished in various ways to create a vintage look. Shabby-chic designs, such as distressed or whitewashed finishes, are popular in vintage decor. If you want to enhance the vintage feel, choose finishes with a patinated or antique look. Also, wooden vanities can be paired with old-school design elements, such as brass faucets and lighting fixtures.

2.  Vintage Artwork


It is easy to create a retro bathroom by adding vintage artwork. It can add character and personality to your bathroom. Whether you choose a vintage poster, photograph, or painting, it can tell a story and bring a sense of history to your space. The ornament can create a focal point in your bathroom. Choosing a piece that stands out in your bathroom can draw the eye and create visual interest. Especially in monochrome bathrooms, a piece of art can change the mood and highlight elegance.

3.  Textured Floor


Adding a textured floor to your bathroom can enhance its character and charm, giving it a distinctive vintage look. Whether you choose vintage tiles or stone floors, the unique texture can add an old-fashioned feel to the space. An antique bathroom needs to have an air of age and timelessness. Textured floors can help achieve this goal by creating the appearance of aged wear and tear. As shabby chic bathroom ideas have been popular in recent years, these textured floors with worn looks will make your bathroom a trendy zone.

4.  Vintage Accessories


Antique hardware and accessories are essential for creating a vintage bathroom. As we always say, the devil is always in the details. The inconspicuous elements could gradually enhance the retro vibe, create visual interest, and complement other parts of the antique bathroom. Vintage pieces, such as knobs, handles, towel racks, mirrors, or faucets, can give your space a feeling of history and personality. Whether using authentic vintage bathroom decor, antique hardware, and accessories are vital to completing the details of the vintage-look space.

5.  Shaker Panels


When it comes to timeless bathroom designs, shaker vanities should always be on your list. In centuries past, shaker-style panels gained popularity, and their popularity persists today. This simple structure creates one of the most enduring designs for cabinets. It is a typical symbol of vintage bathrooms. Furthermore, the cabinets' clean lines can serve as a neutral background, allowing vintage accessories to stand out. This vintage inspiration is ideal for brightening your bathroom decor to create timeless beauty.

6.  Subway Tiles


By definition, subway tile is a rectangular, thick, glazed ceramic tile that comes in various sizes. In vintage bathrooms, subway tiles are often used due to their historical roots, simplicity, cleanliness, textured options, and ease of installation. Originally used in New York City's subway system in the early 1900s, these tiles have a classic and timeless look. While the rectangular shape and white color of subway tiles make the bathroom feel bright and clean, the variety of sizes and finishes make them versatile and easy to pair with other vintage designs. Textured finishes also enhance the space's depth and dimension.

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