9 U-shaped Kitchen Design Tips

The U-shaped kitchen layout has become increasingly popular these days. Here we listed some of the U-shaped kitchen design tips and ideas for your reference. Read on!

A U-shaped kitchen means a U-shaped kitchen layout formed by countertop, kitchen appliances (i.e. fridge), and storage cabinets. This layout provides an efficient work triangle based on the path you make while moving from each section of the kitchen. And that makes the U shaped kitchen become the most efficient kitchen idea.

Compared to other kitchen layouts, for instance, a L-shaped kitchen, a modern U shape kitchen idea can provide the same worktop area in a small kitchen space as illustrated. Therefore, a U-shaped kitchen can not only help you to cook efficiently but also utilize the kitchen space maximally. In this short read, you can learn great U-shape kitchen ideas and tips. If you are thinking of having a new kitchen cabinet or a kitchen makeover, these are words you would not want to miss.

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1. Make Sure the Kitchen Fits

Even though U shaped kitchen seems a perfect choice, there are 2 prerequisites you must know before design. First, you need to figure out the overall shape of your kitchen area. To make a U-shaped kitchen fit in the room, the area must be rectangular that can make U shaped layout available. Second, the entrance of the kitchen shall be on the length of the rectangle, not the width. Only if these conditions are fulfilled can the U-shaped kitchen perfectly fit in the room. 

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2. Design Based on Your Workflow

Once you decided on the kitchen layout, the next thing is about the functional partition. A kitchen features 4 main functions based on the cooking process – storing, washing, chopping, and cooking. A reasonable functional partition can make this procedure much more fluent to save your effort. The key is to partition the countertop by the sequence of your workflow. That is storage cabinets or fridges shall be next to the countertop. Then, the worktop needs to be designed with the following 4 sections orderly – sink area, chopping area, cooking area, and dish-up area. In this way, the U-shaped kitchen could serve you better.

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3. Maximize the Corner Storage

Different from an L-shaped or I-shaped kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen has 2 corners. Great corner kitchen storage solutions are necessary especially for small U-shaped kitchens. The simplest way to solve this corner storage problem is by adding a lazy susan or blind corner cabinet. With these kitchen accessories, the corner will never be a waste. Here is more about kitchen corner storage ideas, click to read more if you are interested.

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4. Install Functional Accessories

Since the U-shaped kitchen layout is the most efficient kitchen layout, we must maximize the storage space as much as possible. Therefore, when designing a U-shaped kitchen, remember to fill it with many functional accessories like pull-outs, pull-downs, etc. It will greatly enhance your cooking experience.


5. Consider An Auxiliary Kitchen Island

For U-shaped kitchen design ideas, adding an island will be an improvement if the kitchen space is allowed. A U-shaped kitchen with an island extends the worktop, shortening the paths to different functional partitions to make cooking more efficient. What's more, an auxiliary island provides extra storage space, which can be practical for keeping dishes or cookware.

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6. Consider an Open Concept U-shaped kitchen

These days, an open concept kitchen is becoming increasingly popular, which means that the kitchen is no longer an isolated space, but can be linked with the dining room or living room. Click this article to learn more about open concept kitchen. A modern U-shaped kitchen could be opened up, breaking the stereotype. Especially for a small U-shaped kitchen, it can integrate well into the living room or dining room area to create a great combination. If you want a versatile and space-saving U-shaped kitchen, build an open concept small U-shaped kitchen. This will surely amaze you.


7. Fit the U-shaped Kitchen into the Corner

In a small space, a U-shaped kitchen design along the corner can come in handy. With its U-shaped layout, this kitchen plan fits perfectly into the corner, not wasting any precious space. This unique kitchen is available through OPPEIN custom kitchen design. For those of you who find such a situation troubling, you may contact OPPEIN, and we will do our best to provide the most appropriate solution based on your particular situation.

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8. Choose the Color Scheme Wisely

The kitchen color plan sets up the overall ambiance. For a small U-shaped kitchen, dark tone color would be a disaster by making the room narrower. Thus, light and bright color combinations are more recommended for small U-shaped kitchen designs. For example, the white high-gloss kitchen help to make the space look bigger. But with enough room, a dark tone or gray tone color scheme is able to create a sense of luxury, making your U-shaped kitchen stylish and edgy. To help you understand the color effect, here is another article of 12 Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in 2021, from which you may learn more about the kitchen color plan.


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9. Install Strip Lights along the Edges

In the kitchen, there are a number of potential hazards. Sharp knives and dinnerware can accidentally injure you or your family members. In order to enhance safety in the kitchen, installing edge lighting is highly recommended. Lights can not only brighten up a room, but also create an ambient glow. An edge lighting design is certainly one of the best ways to class up and upgrade a U-shaped kitchen.

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