11 Types of Interior Doors You Should Know

Looking for new interior doors/inside doors for sale? Check the detailed look at different types of interior doors and choose the right type for your house.
If you plan to decorate or renovate your home, the inside doors will have a significant impact on the design style. The interior door is an important statement for the room, and it is a detailed element that complements the interior design. For bedroom doors, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, or any other room doors, you may need to consider both the function and aesthetic for the best match.

To help you choose the perfect interior door for each of your rooms, we have compiled the 11 types of interior doors, covering most of the interior door styles, with some really special designs included. By browsing these beautiful collections, you may find the answer for your own home decor. Read on!

Flush Door

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It is the most common type of door used in both residential and commercial environments. A flush door is characterized by a plain facing front and back. The smooth surface captures the essence of modern simplicity and can be matched with any style of décor. A wooden flush door can be hollow or solid core, and its weight can also be customized. With its universal design and simple pattern, the beauty is sure to last a lifetime.

Panel Door

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Panel doors are constructed from rails and panels. It is a classic and decorative option for interior doors. This type of interior door has been in vogue for quite some time. The simple combination of panels and rails creates a timeless design for decades. A great idea for your bedroom door indeed.

Barn Door

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Are you interested in rustic interior doors for your home? A barn door might be just what you're looking for. A pre-hung door with tracks creates a truly industrial and robust look for a home. There are two parts to this door, rails and panels, making it a real hit with DIYers. Shopping from Amazon or another E-commerce website would make it easy to get everything you need to build a barn door.

Bifold Door / Accordion Door

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The bifold door, or accordion door, can be folded one panel against the other. This type of door is often used to separate rooms, such as a patio and an inner room. In spite of this, a bifold door can still make a lovely addition as an interior sliding door. This interior door design can also be applied to bedroom doors or closet doors. It is a much more space-saving option than an opening door, ideal for small roodms and houses such as apartments, flats, and studios.

Pocket Door

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Here's another space-saver - the pocket door, an innovative sliding door design. Different from any other type of door, it is inserted into the wall rather than simply attached to it. That's why it's called a "pocket door," because the walls act like pockets to keep the panels inside. The inside doors do not take up any space when they are open, making them an excellent option for houses with limited space. Nevertheless, since the sliding tracks are hidden inside the wall, if they break, maintenance might be difficult.

French Door / Glass Door

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A French door is a type of door that has glass panes extending from the top to the bottom, which is also called a French window. With a glass door inside your house, you receive plenty of benefits. For one point, the glass interior door allows for more natural light to pass through so that the space feels bigger. It is a beautiful divider that adds a clean, sleek, and modern look to your kitchen, dining room, balcony, or patio.

Louvered Door

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When it comes to places that need great ventilation, such as the bathroom and basement, louvered doors are an irreplaceable choice. Indoor doors with this design allow for airflow, so they could also serve as closet doors in the bedroom so the air does not get stale around clothing.

Saloon Door


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Saloon doors, cafe doors, batwing doors, and bar doors all refer to small doors with double-action hinges. Often, you'll see this type of door between the living room and kitchen, since it serves as an effective divider between two public areas. Wood is the most commonly used material for this type of interior door. Nowadays, a lot of people choose to build a mini bar in their home, in which case these small wooden doors would be a perfect fit.

Jib Door

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           A jib door is an interior door designed to coordinate with the decor of a wall so that the entrance and exit of a room are hidden. Its purpose is to maintain the overall aesthetic and conceal a secret room. A jib door usually lacks handles and external hinges to blend better with the wall. This internal door is an extremely cool addition to any home. With an excellent disguise, you can create a perfect private room. And when your friends come over, you can show them this cool door that is always seen in movies.

Bookcase Door

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A partition for two spaces doesn't necessarily need to be a door, but can also be a shelf. Those who have large book collections may find that a bookcase door is stylish and functional. It offers a lot of space for storing books while keeping the entire room in a consistent appearance. When selecting interior doors for functional rooms, if you try to use your imagination, the door could mix well with the room.

Chalkboard Door

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Using a chalkboard to make the internal door functional is an awesome idea. There are some who may add a hook or hanger behind the door to make it more versatile, but that may ruin the overall look of the door. Glady, this chalkboard door preserves both versatility and beauty. It could be a place where you keep all of your inspirations or where you display your drawings to make your house more appealing. Try being creative with these different types of interior doors, and your home decor will be greatly enhanced with them.


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