10 Types of Closet Doors

Looking for closet doors for bedroom? Get inspirations from 10 best types of closet doors based on how they work, paneling style, and closet door materials. 

Closets are where clothing, jewelry, and other valuable items are stored. Choosing the right and best modern closet doors for bedroom is a key step in protecting the belongings contained within. Moreover, a beautiful modern closet door may emphasize your unique sense of style. However, there are so many types of closet doors on the market, so which is the most suitable for you? In order to answer that question, we should first understand the types of closet doors. For your reference, we listed 10 best types of closet doors based on the way they work, their paneling style, and their materials. You may gain inspiration for your custom closet by viewing these closet doors. Let's get started!

Based on the Way They Work

1. Hinged Closet Door

An hinged door or swinging door is one that has hinges on the side that allow the door to open and close. This is the most commonly used closet door. Making a hinged door for your closet is an efficient and cost-effective way of protecting your belongings. But there is still a downside you should know. As the hinged door opens outward, there must be sufficient space outside for it to open easily. If anything blocks the way, then you can't keep it there.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/hinged-wardrobe-yg18-m01 


2. Sliding Closet Door

Another popular option for closet doors is the sliding door(bypass door), which can be pushed or pulled along the track. For reach-in closets, a sliding closet door can be functional and convenient. Comparatively to a hinged door, a sliding closet door is a better fit for the small bedroom closet. However, this sliding door needs to be installed very carefully, or it will shake or become stuck when you try to push it. Therefore, in order to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and installation, a trustworthy company, such as Oppein, is a necessity.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/wardrobe-yg18-l01


3. Barn Closet Door

The barn closet door is basically a variation of the sliding door. In recent years, barn door closets have become popular because of their chic and rustic aesthetic. The barn doors are generally used for walk-in closets. Looking for a stylish way to cover the entrance to your walk-in closet? A barn door might be a good fit.


source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/5770305761730974/ 


4. Folding Closet Door

The folding closet door, or bifold closet door, is an elevation of the sliding door. It provides a full view of the closet interior and does not take up much space like a hinged door. Nevertheless, folding doors for closet utilize more rollers to open and close, doubling the risk of a track binding and falling. It is essential, once again, to find a trustworthy company for installing this type of closet door.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Modern-Luxury-Wood-Grain-Walk-in-Closet-PLYJ20010-104 


Based on the Panel Style

1. Flush Closet Door

Flush closet doors are those without moulding or patterns on either side of the panel, presenting a flat surface. It is a simple style of closet door. Compared to closet doors in other styles, flush doors are more easily constructed and installed. For those who enjoy modern style decor, the flat closet door may be the ideal choice.



2. Shaker Closet Door

Shaker style is a classic design for door panels. When used on closet doors, the shaker style closet door becomes a never-out-of-date choice. The bifold shaker closet doors is one of today's hottest trends, which also proves the classic is eternal. Especially in houses that have shaker style interior doors, the shaker closet door can maintain the aesthetic consistency of the interior décor, creating a harmonious overall look.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/walk-in-closet-yj0481615 


3. Louvered Closet Doors

This type of door can enhance the beauty of your closet. Similar to the window shutters, the panel is comprised of slats to provide better ventilation for the closet interiors. Louvered closet doors make it less likely for clothes to mildew during rainy seasons. The bifold louvered closet doors are also frequently used in the bedroom and laundry room. However, the layered surface is extremely easy to collect dust, making maintenance a challenge.


source: https://inarch.lt/?portfolio=namas-salia-parko 


Based on the Materials

1. Wood Closet Door

Wood is a commonly used material for both closet doors and interior doors. Building a wood door is far easier than constructing a metal door. And as an easy-to-construct material, it is able to be molded into various shapes and constructions, such as wood bifold closet doors, wood sliding closet doors, etc. With a veneer or finish on the front and back, the wood closet door can avoid mildew and stains, creating a sleek appearance. Further, wood doors are relatively affordable and are therefore an excellent choice for closet doors.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Wood-Grain-Double-Door-Hinged-Wardrobe-YG19-M01 


2. Glass Closet Door

A glass closet door is a stylish addition to any modern home. Featuring a metal frame, the glass door offers a luxurious look that blends well with modern decor. Furthermore, there are different types of glasses that you can choose from, such as frosted glass, colored glass, and an acrylic alternative if you are concerned that the glass might break. Glass can still be used in different shapes of doors, such as a glass sliding closet door or a glass bifold closet door. With a glass closet door, you can check out your clothing easily. It turns the closet into not only a place to store but also a place to display your beautiful collections. 


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/modern-matte-lacquer-wardrobe-with-glass-door-yg20-l02 


3. Mirror Closet Door

When it comes to the bedroom closet, it can be much more useful if it is equipped with a mirror. Instead of adding a full-length mirror, a mirrored closet door is a better option. By using mirrored closet doors, it can help to save wall space and bring light into the room, making the space appear larger and more inviting. You can still build them in various shapes and styles, like mirror closet sliding doors, bifold mirror closet doors, or mirror french closet doors. All of these mirror closet doors can be chic and unique, adding style to any room.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/yg17-m02-wardrobe 


A perfect closet door is essential for updating your bedroom closet or walk-in closet. Hope these closet door ideas can inspire you in decorating your own closet. If you have questions regarding home decoration or interior furnishings, please feel free to contact OPPEIN, the industry leader in home furnishings. With our assistance, you can get the best plan for your dream home.

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