TV Stand Guide: Size, Material & Style - Everything Before Buying

TV cabinet buying guide, including what size to choose for TV unit, TV stand material and everything you need to know before having a new TV cabinet.
TV is usually the focal point in the living room, which could bring family and friends together to share precious moments. To enhance the overall appearance of a living room, a TV stand is absolutely necessary. However, finding the right TV stand can be a daunting task. Regarding the size of the TV stand, if it is too small, the TV may fall down, but too big may ruin the aesthetics of the living room. As for the color and material of the TV cabinet, there are many options available, but which one will suit your living room best? There are so many things to consider before choosing your TV stand. Fortunately, by reading the following buying guide, you will be able to find the one that is right for you.

TV Stand Size

About the TV Size:

Before we can determine the size of your TV stand/TV unit, we must first measure the length, width, and depth of your television. In most cases, a TV is measured diagonally. However, the advertised TV size does not refer to the size from corner to corner, as they only measure the screen without including the surrounding frame. So, you may wish to use a measuring tape to measure the actual width and height of your television, from the side to side including the frame. For your reference, here we have a common TV size dimension.

Common TV Dimensions





27.9"/ 70.9 cm

15.7″/ 39.9 cm


34.9″/ 88.6 cm

19.6″/ 49.8 cm


37.5″/ 95.3 cm

21.1″/ 53.6 cm


43.6″/ 110.7 cm

24.5″/ 62.2 cm


47.9″/ 121.7 cm

27.0″/ 68.6 cm


52.3″/ 132.8 cm

29.4″/ 74.7 cm


56.7″/ 144.0 cm

31.9″/ 81.0 cm


61.0″/ 154.9 cm

34.3″/ 87.1 cm

Once you have taken the measurements of your TV, it is now time to determine the dimensions of the TV stand. In short, the TV stand must be at least several inches wider than the TV to ensure both safety and aesthetics. Now, let's talk about how to define the width, height, and depth, as well as viewing distance.

About TV Stand Width:

There should be an 8 cm (3 inches) space between the edge of the TV and the edge of the cabinet. For example, if you have a TV with a width of 56-59 inches, a 65 inch TV stand will work perfectly.


About TV Stand Height:

The height of the TV stand should be determined by your viewing height. Whether you hang the TV or set it on the cabinet, the most important thing is to position it at or a bit below your eye level. This would prevent you from craning your neck, which could lead to exhaustion and pain. Taking the 55" TV as an example, for most people, the ideal height of the TV stand will be 120 cm to 130 cm (47.2 inches to 51.2 inches) from the top to the floor.         


About TV stand Depth:

A TV stand is not just a place to hold the television; it is also a place to organize living room storage. Thus, you may need to select the appropriate depth based on what kind of storage you plan to keep. For a TV unit or television console, a depth of 40cm-55cm is sufficient, since it is large enough to hold several books and instructions.


About Viewing Distance:

To achieve the best viewing experience, you may need to focus on the distance from the TV to the couch. Based on the size of your TV, we recommend the following distance for you.


TV Stand Material

After you have determined the size of the TV stand you require, the next step is determining what materials you need. There are many types of materials available on the market, which can be used to create TV stands of totally different styles. In this part, we will discuss four materials that are often used. Now, let's get some inspiration.

Wood TV Stand

Wood is the most commonly used material for TV stands. For wooden TV stands, there are a variety of wood finishes available, offering various color options. Prefer a simple look? Go for a white or a black TV stand. Like modern designs? A gray TV stand is the best choice. Anyhow, a wooden TV stand offers numerous customization options—not only in terms of colors but also in terms of shapes. If you are looking for a customized TV stand or considering DIY, a wooden stand is a perfect option.         




Glass TV Stand

Making a TV stand out of glass could be a trendy choice. It is common for glass TV stands to have tiers, giving them an attractive and modern appearance. The unique transparency of the glass would also allow a glass TV stand to visually increase the space and eliminate clutter.




Stone TV Stand

Some people may choose marble or engineered stone to build their TV stand. These materials are good options. Featuring natural veins, this marble TV stand adds lavish luxury to the home. The stone is sturdy and easily maintained to withstand daily use. However, there may be a health concern as some natural stones may contain radioactive material. Therefore, please ensure that the stones have been tested for radiation before buying.




Metal TV Stand

Built with a sturdy metal frame, the TV stand is durable enough to hold a variety of items. As metal is a flexible material, you can construct your TV stand entirely out of metal to make an industrial metal TV stand, or combine metal with wood or glass, creating a variety of tones.        





TV Stand Style

Considering that the TV unit is one of the most important pieces in the living room, and sometimes the bedroom, you should be thinking about which style and color of TV stand would fit your home. Here we have selected a few beautiful collections from Oppein, a leading furniture brand from China that offers quality TV units for sale. By viewing these TV units in different styles, you may understand which one is most suitable for your home.

White TV Cabinets



The purest of all colors, white is a popular choice for home furnishings. This white wood tv stand provides an air of cleanliness and freshness to the space. With the TV framed in the center, the wall unit becomes just the right solution for a large TV that still allows for plenty of storage.

Fireplace TV Stand




This TV stand with fireplace features a traditional and classic design. It creates a cozy and pleasing ambiance that perfectly highlights the focal point of the living room. For those who are concerned about the maintenance of a real fireplace, an electric fireplace is much more eco-friendly and hassle-free.

Floating TV Stand




Floating TV cabinets mounted on walls can be very stylish and creative. In this way, it does not take up space on the floor, but rather on the wall, which tends to be more space-efficient. By customizing the cabinet size, the floating TV unit can be easily adjusted to hold the TV at the optimal viewing distance. This is a brilliant way to transform your living room into a chic and modern space.

White Wood TV Stand




Think about using a combination if you feel using one color would be too plain. Blending colors in different hues can create a unique design that enhances the overall look. Like this white oak television stand, it divides the TV wall into three sections - wall cabinets for less-used items, the middle area for the TV and photo display, and base cabinets for books and frequently-used items. It is a simple and functional modern TV stand design.

Grey TV Stand



Would you like something luxurious but not too extravagant? Here is a grey gloss TV unit that you may find appealing. Presented in grey hues with a glossy surface, this TV stand is the highlight of the entry-luxury design. With open shelving on top and cabinets underneath, this TV stand can satisfy any of your needs, storing collections on top, and storing other items in the cabinets, to create a clean and tidy living room.

Black TV Units




By combining the TV stand with a bookshelf, the black TV units will serve as an eye-catching feature in your living room. In fact, the living room is an ideal place to store books, especially if you don't have a separate study room. Finished in black with a modular design, the entire TV stand conveys a sense of calm, providing the best reading ambiance. You can also check out the best TV stands ideas chosen by OPPEIN.


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