Tropical Flavor Design — Create An African Style House

Where are you living? No doubt that we are all seeking somewhere, no matter where we’re living now.

Where are you living? No doubt that we are all seeking somewhere, no matter where we’re living now.

But if you are living in a cold north place and looking forward to somewhere full of tropical flavor—well you are making the right place here. Actually this is north Europe, but what do you think it takes to create an African style house? Take my house as an example, I’ll show you with just some key points, a brilliant reform can kick off right now!

African Style House 1.jpg

Light brown & beige

Light brown and beige always remind us of warm weather, grass plains, and animals with brown skin or fur. Take some warm color furniture like light brown sofa and beige carpet, they will bring a typical African warm breeze into your house.

African Style House 2.jpg African Style House 3.jpg

Decoration is the igniter

Use the right tropical style decorations, you may create an unexpected effect. A painting of wild animals, hand-woven straw mattress, a lampshade with zebra-stripe pattern, some rough clay jars, a tribal mask or statue—keep searching, these little things can add strong native African taste and mysterious smell that beyond your imagination.African Style House 4.jpg

Natural appearance, modern heart

What’s your kitchen layout like, Line-shape, L-shape, or with an independent island? This time, try making the kitchen a gallery style, cooking area on one side, and kitchen appliances another, which will offer you enough moving space. You can choose dark red or brown cabinets to coordinate your kitchen to match the whole house, while the embedded type appliances will never destroy the integrated beauty.

African Style House 5.jpg

Tropical and mysterious atmosphere is easy!

Pick some warm-color curtain, tapestry and carpet with geometric pattern, you’ll feel like being brought to a mysterious tribe.

To find decorations with tropical style is not that difficult—I bought some animal pattern blankets and cut them into round and square pieces, pin the blankets on the wall, a tapestry with wild and natural style is done! You can use your imagination and DIY freely, just remember to keep using warm colors.African Style House 6.jpg

Small space can be magical, too!

It’s common that overall bathroom is decorated with ceramic tiles and vanity, but it’s a little too modern for an African style house, so some natural oak bathroom furniture will be standing out at once.

A charming room doesn’t have to be a big one. That means even in a small bathroom, a characteristic tropical space is totally possible. Just keep some tropical style stuffs in sight—no matter it’s a patterned carpet or a mysterious mask on the wall.Plus, some ceramic tile with distinctive patterns may also be able to play the role of decoration—you never know.

African Style House 7.jpg African Style House 8.jpg

Now can you still imagine that I’m living in north Europe? Well sometimes I do feel like being in equatorial region, like a wild and warm dream. If you are crazy about a place, even a dynasty, while can’t make it there—why not change your own house into it?

Just grasp several key points that imply your dreaming style, you can start a magical journey from anywhere, anytime.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!