Top 10 Interior Door Makers in 2024

This article lists top 10 interior door makers, including their introduction, location, year of establishment, certification, and popular products, etc.

An interior door is a moveable partition that divides rooms or other areas inside a structure. Interior doors are made for privacy, sound insulation, and aesthetic reasons within a building, as opposed to exterior doors, which act as access points and are heavier and more durable. 

They come in various styles, materials, and configurations to suit different architectural designs and functional needs. From classic solid wood for bedrooms to frosted glass for bathrooms, material choices impact aesthetics and functionality. Common types include panel, flush, French, and pocket doors. Notably, behind every remarkable door lies the craftsmanship of a skilled manufacturer. 

Get ready to explore a world of possibilities as we delve into a world of design possibilities with our list of Top 10 Interior Door Makers. In this article, We'll reveal brands renowned for quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, helping you transform your doorways into design statements that elevate your entire space.

Table of Contents:

  1. Oppein Home

  2. Barausse

  3. CBW Doors

  4. Simpson Door Company

  5. Marvin

  6. Portes ID Doors

  7. Cocif

  8. LEBO

  9. Vicaima

  10. Cedar West

  11. Conclusion

What to Look Out for When Selecting Interior Doors?  


  1. Evaluate how the door will function in space. For high-traffic areas, consider durable materials and easy-to-operate hardware. Bedrooms and bathrooms typically consider privacy and thus require solid core doors for soundproofing.

  1. Ensure the door fits the intended space properly and consider the configuration. Hinged doors need swing space and thus require more space than Pocket doors or sliding doors, which can be space-saving in tight areas. Glass or frosted glass panels can brighten up dark hallways or interior rooms.

  1. Doors should complement your overall home aesthetic. Traditional homes might suit panelled doors, while modern spaces favour clean lines. Consider the detailing on the door surface. Simple profiles work well in contemporary settings, while more ornate designs can elevate classic spaces.

  1. Set a budget for door selection, considering the initial purchase cost and long-term maintenance expenses.

1. Oppein Home



Headquarters: Guangzhou, China.

Oppein Home is a renowned interior door maker specialising in providing high-quality interior doors. They are big on customisation and hence offer their customers the ability to personalise products based on materials, colours, styles, and features to suit your taste and space requirements. Oppein Home showcases a variety of interior door styles, including hinged, sliding, and pocket doors, with different materials like wood and glass.

Interior doors are among the many home furnishing necessities homeowners seek in a single store, emphasising convenience and potential style matching. For those looking for easily accessible interior doors at a competitive price point, Oppein Home's high-quality product line offers that space.

Your home outfitting project will go more smoothly if you get your interior doors, bathroom vanities, kitchens, and wardrobes from one provider. Oppein Home customisation ability allows homeowners to achieve a unified design aesthetic throughout their home by sourcing multiple furniture pieces from them. So don't walk; run to their website.

2. Barausse



Headquarters: Monticello Conte Otto (VI), Italy

Barausse is a renowned interior door maker known for its exquisite craftsmanship, innovative design, and commitment to quality. Barausse has a long history dating back more than 50 years and has made a name for itself as a significant force in the premium interior door industry worldwide. 

Barausse caters to bespoke projects, allowing for customization of door size, materials, finishes, and hardware to match your vision perfectly. Skilled artisans meticulously crafted their doors using the finest materials, including premium woods, glass, metals, and innovative composite materials. Feature sleek lines, elegant proportions, and sophisticated details that add a touch of luxury to any interior space. 

Barausse is an excellent choice for homeowners and designers seeking high-end, customizable interior doors that combine exceptional aesthetics, functionality, and Italian design heritage.

3. CBW Doors



Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA

CBW (Custom Built Windows) excels in crafting premium interior doors to match your interior design perfectly. They offer customization options to tailor doors to their clients' needs and preferences. This may include variations in size, style, finish, hardware, and accessories to create a personalized look that complements the space's overall design.

With design expertise, they provide guidance and recommendations to clients based on their knowledge of design principles, trends, and functionality requirements. CBW is renowned for its sturdy construction, employing premium materials that guarantee enduring functionality and an opulent appearance. 

Whether creating a timeless classic interior or a contemporary masterpiece, CBW offers interior doors that elevate the beauty and elegance of any space.

4. Simpson Door Company



Headquarters: McCleary, Washington, USA

Established in 1912, Simpson boasts over a century of experience crafting high-quality wood doors for interiors and exteriors. This translates to a deep understanding of materials, construction techniques, and design trends.

Simpson provides a range of wood varieties to suit various tastes and price ranges, including solid mahogany, oak, and maple. For specific purposes, they also include glass or frosted glass panels. Their doors complement various hardware types so that you can customise appearance and functionality.

Simpson Door Company is an excellent option for homeowners and interior designers looking for upscale, fully customizable interior doors that blend style, practicality, and longevity. Simpson doors are widely available through distributors and retailers. Their rich history and focus on quality craftsmanship make them a trusted brand for interior door needs.

5. Marvin        



Headquarters: Mississauga, Montreal and Burnaby, Canada

Marvin is renowned primarily as a manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors, particularly for residential and commercial buildings. Marvin offers interior doors that complement their overall product line.

Marvin provides a wide selection of interior door styles to accommodate various architectural styles and design tastes. This comprises glass doors, sliding doors, contemporary flush doors, and conventional panel doors. Their doors can be customized with different finishes, hardware, and decorative elements to match the aesthetic of any space. They prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability in their products to minimize their environmental footprint.

To guarantee their interior doors are correctly placed and aligned for maximum efficiency. Their team of experienced installers ensures a seamless and hassle-free installation process.

6. Portes ID Doors        



Headquarters:  Saint-Georges, Canada

Portes ID Doors stands out as an interior door maker recognised for its innovative designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and extensive product range. Mainly catering to the North American market (Canada and the United States). Portes ID Doors prides itself on offering a curated selection of doors crafted with an emphasis on aesthetics and quality.

They accommodate a variety of design tastes with a broad selection of styles, ranging from traditional panelled doors to more modern flush designs. Their doors are available in various sizes to suit different openings. They also provide options like fire-rated doors for specific safety needs.

Portes ID Doors incorporates innovative design features into their products to enhance functionality, performance, and aesthetics. To satisfy the changing demands of contemporary living, their innovative design elements include choices for integrated smart technology, thermal insulation, soundproofing, and energy efficiency.

7. Cocif        



Headquarters: 47020 Longiano FC, Italy

Cocif is a well-known Italian manufacturer of upscale interior doors with an emphasis on design. Founded in 1949, Cocif boasts a rich history in Italian craftsmanship and a dedication to innovative design. They work with well-known Italian designers to produce aesthetically pleasing and practical doors.

Cocif goes beyond traditional interior doors. They specialize in innovative designs, such as

frameless Doors with a minimalist feel to create a sleek, seamless look, where the door appears to disappear into the wall, ideal for contemporary spaces.

While they have a curated collection, Cocif allows for extensive customization to suit your vision with various materials, including wood, glass, and aluminium, catering to different aesthetics and functional needs.

8. LEBO         



Headquarters: Handelstrasse 15, Germany

In the interior door market, LEBO stands out as a formidable competitor, especially for people looking for high-quality German-made doors that emphasise innovation and customization. LEBO was founded in Germany in 1871, and it has a rich and illustrious past. They place a high value on using premium components and careful building methods to create dependable, long-lasting doors.

By choosing appropriate hardware finishes and styles, LEBO lets you customize the appearance and use. Many LEBO doors come pre-finished in a variety of colours, saving you time and effort on painting or staining. Unfinished options are also available for customization.

Their German production sites use technology to ensure constant quality and accurate construction. When feasible, LEBO sources its resources sustainably and gives top priority to environmentally responsible methods.

9. Vicaima        



Headquarters: Vale de Cambra, Portugal

Vicaima was established in 1959 and has over 60 years of experience creating wall panels, wardrobes, internal doors, and custom furniture. This translates into thoroughly comprehending construction methods, materials, and design trends.

They offer various styles to complement diverse design aesthetics, such as panelled doors with traditional mouldings for timeless appeal, clean lines and flush designs for contemporary spaces and pocket doors, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors to maximize space or create seamless transitions.

Vicaima exports to over 30 markets, increasing accessibility for customers worldwide. They are an excellent choice for homeowners, architects, and designers seeking high-quality, versatile interior doors from a reputable and innovative manufacturer. 

Their commitment to design, functionality, and sustainability makes them a strong contender in the European and potentially global markets.

10. Cedar West        



Headquarters: Perth, Australia

Beyond interior door creation and aesthetics, Cedar West prioritizes quality and functionality with quality craftsmanship when producing its interior doors. They use premium materials such as solid wood, engineered wood, and sustainable timber to ensure durability, longevity, and beauty. 

Choose from solid wood for superior soundproofing and luxury, hollow core for affordability, or glass/frosted glass options for light and visual openness. You can choose from many finishes, including wood veneers, painted options, and textured finishes.

Their production employs modern techniques, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency. Cedar West offers comprehensive services to support clients throughout the door selection and installation process.


Surprisingly, plenty of options are available in interior doors, which can affect one's entire living experience, functionality, and beauty. Every room and style preference can find the ideal door, whether it's the space-saving practicality of pocket doors or the timeless elegance of solid wood panelled doors.

Whether renovating your home or working on a commercial project, these interior door makers have the expertise and vision to bring your interior design dreams to life. However, for those seeking precise customization and exceptional quality, look no further than Oppein. With Oppein Home, you can bring your vision to life and create interior spaces that reflect your unique style and taste. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover the custom interior doors.


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