Thermofoil – Similar to Real Wood Effect

Thermofoil is made out of MDF covered with a thin layer of heat-fused vinyl or laminate that creates a seamless and smooth surface.

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Thermofoil kitchen door materials

Thermofoil is made out of MDF covered with a thin layer of heat-fused vinyl or laminate that creates a seamless and smooth surface. It can also be called five – in – one door because it consists of four frames and a core plate. The frame is processed by a 360-degree coating process. Nowadays, there are many kinds of Thermofoil, such as high-density coating, aluminium alloy coating, solid wood coating. The Thermofoil products are the decorative materials that have risen in recent years, which has a complex technique more than 20 manufacturing processes. The process of manufacturing can be roughly divided into moulding, coating and packing. OPPEIN offers a variety of faux wood finishes. It is an economical substitute for solid wood.


360cm Width Standard Kitchen Cabinet with Thermofoil Finish

Beautiful rich tone, warm wood grain finish, comfortable seating – Let the kitchen draws your eye to its beauty. Island is a workhorse in this kitchen. It is a prime gathering spot and a place for homeowners to add personal touches. Open shelves in the wall cabinet or island keep items organized, attractive and within easy reach. Just place things you use every day on open shelves.

What are the advantages of Thermofoil?

①Applying Germany Jowat eco-friendly glue, durable and environmental, it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and no pollution. The raw materials have been specially refined to remove toxic substances and do not apply heavy metals as stabilizers, which have no harm to the environment.

②The colours are natural and realistic, and the dyeing effect is stable, similar to real wood effect. The moulding cabinet panel is bright and colourful, and the pattern is natural and realistic, which ensures the consistency of each panel.

③Thermofoil is stain proof and easy to clean. The surface will not produce electrostatic adsorption dust, surface oil stains or other stains can be removed by ordinary cleaners within 12 hours without leaving any trace.

④Good performance from scratch, moisture, or temperature resistance, no discolouration and fading. The membrane surface without leaving any traces of making nails and the colour will not change even washing.

⑤There is the wide range of colour and pattern options, which can be easily moulded into different shapes and meets the needs of an individual.


Transitional Lacquer and Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet

For this kitchen cabinet, the large-scale structure shows your gentle personality, decent layout meets your high-end needs.


Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet in Rustic Style

By using the wood grain colour as the cabinet colour, the whole kitchen presents a comfortable and natural style, which fits the local style.

Tips to maintain the Thermofoil:

①The price of better quality is more expensive, OPPEIN has the best strength to provide products among Asia.

②The humid of the environment should be less than 85%, or it may cause the surface open.

③No hit or clash with a big pressure, it is not easy to repair and the price is high.

For the Crowd:

People who want classical solid wood effect with affordable price

People who like European rural style


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