The Annual Meeting Ended up Perfectly On Last Sunday

Last weekend, OPPEIN headquarters is extraordinarily lively. Because all our distributors are invited to attend the annual peaking meeting and visit the new products in showroom. Except for the domestic distributors, the overseas distributors, more than 30 partners, has come to Guangzhou China. The main topic to this annual meeting is that strive for 10 billion turnovers in the year of 2017.



Our chairman Mr Yao make an important speech in the very begining of the meeting. He summarized how great the achievement we have done last year, but also put forward the key points what we should improve to reach 10 billion turnovers.


After that, Mr Yao gave awards for outstanding turnover to 3 distributors, who make great contributions to our enterprise and expand our market share continually.


The astonishing show was coming after the meeting, which is added many fresh and interesting elements inside, giving all audiences a special and happy evening party.



In the afternoon break, OPPEIN Foreign Trade Dept held a symposium with our overseas distributors in the other meeting room. Some of our senior executives made full introductions of our aim on one-stop solution, management of showroom, and some upgraded technology.



This symposium provided a good platform for us to know more about each other, since our partners were active to put forward their concerns and problems.


Finally, some of our distributors shared their experiences on opening showroom and running showroom, which are good guidance for us to develop more showrooms in other countries. We gain many valuable experiences in this gathering. Hope that we can do better in this year.



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