The ACETECH Delhi exhibition has successfully completed in Dec.18th

The ACETECH Delhi exhibition, has successfully held in India. This time, famous actor, Shahrukh Khan was invited again. And just see the spectacular of the exhibition, we have more visitors than the previous exhibition.

According to the situation of the exhibition, lots of customers were interested in OPPEIN and OPPEIN products. Some of them are already OPPEIN regular customers, while the others have a better understanding of our products through the introduction of OPPEIN staff.

The above pictures show the situation when customers was reading OPPEIN brochure and finding their ideal products for dream houses.

Our Delhi agents and HQ team were patiently as well as detailedly doing their reception with interested clients. One of our customers said he never heard OPPEIN before until he come the OPPEIN exhibition. He spoke highly of the attitude of OPPEIN cooperative agents and expressed the possibility of cooperating with OPPEIN.

It is worth noting that there was a local customer, who looked through the paper advertisement of OPPEIN, came to the exhibition with strong interest of OPPEIN products.

In conclusion, there are so many people came to our Delhi exhibition, some of them are attracted by our products, some of them are allured by our famous star, the others are heard from their friends. Though the exhibition is over, our world-class products and service will never over. If you want to know more about OPPEIN and OPPEIN products, just come to our India office or contact our sales manager directly.

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