15 Stylish Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Seeking inspirations for bathroom vanity designs? Check out these 15 great ideas for small bathroom vanities from OPPEIN. Time to get inspired!

Never let space limit the design of your bathroom vanity. Even for small bathroom vanities, there are a number of options to consider. By painting it in different colors, using different finishes, or making it in a different shape, there are countless possibilities for your small bathroom vanity. It's a lucky thing you're here if you are seeking some inspiration for bathroom vanity designs. Check out these 15 great ideas for small bathroom vanities from OPPEIN, a leading  bathroom vanity wholesalerin the world. Time to get inspired!

1. Emerald Green Bathroom Vanity


Source: Modern Green UV Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet | OPPEIN


A vital and vivid color, green is considered an excellent cholor for the bathroom because of its irreplaceable freshness. As the bathroom is where you clean both your body and mind, this beautiful emerald green color would not only enhance its beauty but also calm your spirits. Green bathroom vanity that seems like delicate beryl embedded in your small bathroom.

2. Modern Gray Bathroom Vanity


Source: Lacquer Modern Bathroom Vanity - OPPEIN


What is the first color that comes to mind when we speak about the best bathroom colors? Besides what you prefer, it is a good idea to use gray as it is the most neutral color overall. The floating vanity above is painted gray and adorned with golden elements, presenting an ideal contemporary feel. A truly modern creation for any bathroom.

3. Geometric Small Floating Vanity


Source: Modern Spanish Rock Bathroom Cabinet PLWY21072 | OPPEIN


Shapes play an important role in bathroom vanity designs. Take a look at this unusual bathroom vanity collection. A hexagonal mirror and a rectangular floating vanity create a harmonious geometric fit. With its recessed golden handle design, it is both aesthetic and functional, providing a convenient solution for your bathroom vanity.

4. White Bathroom Cabinet


Source: Modern PVC Bathroom Vanity PCWY19002 | OPPEIN


Looking for a timeless yet simple bathroom cabinet design? Go for white color vanity then! There is no purer color than white. Shaker-style doors give this bathroom cabinet a typical traditional appearance. This small bathroom cabinet demonstrates that simple can still look elegant. If you are a fan of simple decor, this collection is ideal for your bathroom design.

5. Black Stone Textured Vanity


Source: Modern Laminate Bathroom Cabinets Set for Small Space


Even though the black color is pretty intense, we could still come up with a great solution for a black vanity - by incorporating stone textures. Special stains on the cabinet add eye-catching gloss to the bathroom design. Bathroom vanities like this could really become focal points in the cleansing area.

6. Small Cabinet with Open Shelves


Source: Laminate Bathroom Vanity Modern Design with Integrated Basin


Having open shelves in the bathroom would be a great option for storing items, as they can keep items handy. The clever design of this bathroom vanity prevents you from leaving stains on the cabinet door when you have wet hands. Mixing open shelves with closed cabinets not only provides an appealing appearance, but also makes practical sense.

7. Vanity with Mirrored Cabinet


Source: Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets Modern Style with Open Shelves


Adding a mirrored cabinet to a small bathroom design makes two functions available at once. Bathroom vanities in white and black are easy to match and won't disrupt the rest of the decor. Combining rectangular shapes creates a sleek modern simplicity that is perfect for any bathroom style.

8. Simple Gray and White Bathroom Vanity


Source: Modern Melamine Bathroom Mirror Cabinet PCWY19001


Simple shapes and colors make this small vanity the most universal choice for any space.  As we mentioned, gray is the never-wrong choice for bathroom vanity color, which can also be combined with other tones to create some brilliant cabinets like the one pictured above. The small vanity with open shelves in gray provide a neutral and universal look for modern bathroom decor.

9. Woodgrain Floating Bathroom Vanity


Source: Big Storage Modern Mirror Bathroom Cabinet PCWY19003


Finish the wooden cabinet with a natural grain, which is a great choice for the small bathroom vanity design. This small vanity is a delightful addition to your bathroom, showing a natural freshness. And the black metal frames add sophisticated detail to the piece.

10. Chocolate and Brown Cabinet


Source: Brown Laminate Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity PLWY18118


Brown and chocolate blend perfectly to create a striking bathroom cabinet. Bathroom features make the vanity much more functional, for example, hanging rails on floating vanities can hold towels, as well as jewellery and watches while you wash your hands and face.

11. Ladder-shaped Bathroom Vanity


Source: Modern White and Black Lacquer Bathroom Vanity OP17-095


The ladder-shaped vanity provides a wonderful solution for your bathroom. The balance of black and white is just like the philosophy of Ying and Yang, blending together to create one whole. In addition, the combination of various geometric shapes in the small bathroom makes it appear incredibly edgy. This unique bathroom vanity design might appeal to people who appreciate the novelty.

12. Asymmetrical Pink Bathroom Vanity


Source: Silver-Flashing Lacquer Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity PLWY18012


We've seen symmetrical bathroom vanities, and now comes the breaker. The asymmetrical combination of cabinets gives the bathroom an excellent modern look. By painting the vanity with a pink finish, the vanity portrays a sense of romance, an elegant design for the urban home.

13. Blue and White Bathroom Cabinet Kit


Source: Transitional Blue Lacquer Bathroom Vanity - oppeinhome.com


Small bathroom? Don't worry, we have you covered! Check out at this compact bathroom set, which combines everything in one place, maximizing space. The blue and white colors convey a feeling of freshness, like a breeze from the beach. The bathtub with built-in storage and shelves on the wall enable the room to be functional with limited space.

14. Traditional Freestanding Bathroom Vanity


Source: White Matte Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet BC17-L01


In pure white and with classic raised panels, this freestanding or console vanity has a very retro look. A freestanding vanity is different from floating vanities in that it can be moved to any space in the bathroom, which allows for easy bathroom rearrangement.

15. Bathroom Sink Vanity with Storage


Source: Grey Laminate Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet BC18-HPL01


A small bathroom vanity can be all about pragmatism, as the design above shows. Simple cabinets stack neatly to form a functional yet simple bathroom vanity. As can be seen, everything has a purpose of storage, and no space is wasted.

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