9 Stylish and Smart Laundry Room Designs

OPPEIN collected 9 brilliant laundry room ideas of various sizes and featuring different functions. Check out these laundry room designs and get inspired.

Laundry is a boring chore, but your laundry room can somehow change it. With a poor design, the space would gradually become a mess full of dirty clothes, adding to the difficulty of the task. Both for small and large laundry rooms, there are always plans for making them look clean and tidy, which could make your daily chore a little more tolerable. We have been focusing on the decor style, storage system, and versatility of the laundry space. Here we collected 9 brilliant laundry room ideas of various sizes and featuring different functions. Check out these laundry room designs and get inspired for your own.

1. Navy Blue Laundry & Bath


For the laundry room, the shades of blue could never be wrong. This laundry and bath combo is furnished with all navy blue built-in cabinets, conveying a modern and sleek feel. Furthermore, like this combo, adding a laundry room to the bathroom may be a good option to save space. It saves you time and effort from taking dirty clothes to the laundry room, and you can do the chore while showering. A convenient way to make a laundry room, isn't it?

2. Modern Metallic Stoarge Space


Since the laundry room is also known as a utility room, it should be utilized very well. This remarkable modern laundry room design provides a brilliant storage solution for the space. Tall cabinets, base cabinets and wall cabinets perfectly fit in the room to maximize the storage capacity. There will never be a shortage of storage in this laundry room design. Presented in metallic colors, the laundry room exhibits a distinctive texture that emphasizes its ability to clean and wash clothes. A place for turning dirty into clean.

3. Pet Zone Laundry Combo


Looking for a spot to settle your four-legged friends? Here is a laundry room decor that will suit your needs. Combining a pet zone with laundry cabinets, this design maximizes balcony space. The built-in cabinets provide an ideal solution for storing items and a resting area for pets. This laundry room design is perfect for pet-loving families.

4. Labeled Laundry Zone


Labels will make organization a breeze. In this laundry room design, transparent cabinet doors have printed labels to identify what is inside the box, thereby simplifying classification. You can easily find what you want and place the items in the right sections. So next time, if your family refuses to do the chore by saying "I couldn't find the detergent!", tell them to read the label.

5. Small but Almighty


Take a look at this small laundry room and see how practical it is! Laundry room built-ins serve the most storage needs. All different kinds of containers and organizers are set inside the cabinets, where you can keep the cleaner kit, the detergent, and other sundries. The washing machine and dryer perfectly match the color of the laundry room and fit in the built-in cabinets.

6.  Natural Wood Grain


Stunning light wood grain gives the room a natural freshness. The laundry room design focuses on natural elements. This easy and comfortable space features sage green tiling and wood-colored cabinets that complement each other perfectly, to cheer you up while doing the chore.

7. Classic Shaker Laundry


Shaker-style décor has been a favorite for decades and remains popular today. Having cabinets with square edges adds a touch of classic and timeless beauty to this laundry room. Cabinets are organized in an orderly way, creating a symmetrical appearance. Everything is neatly organized in this laundry design.

8. Tiny Laundry Corner


When you have only a few items to store, this compact laundry corner will be an ideal solution. All you need is a washing machine and a cabinet to store detergents and other tools. Place this tiny laundry anywhere in your house, focusing on the main purpose of the laundry room - washing clothes.

9. All in Pure White


It is sometimes best to keep things simple, like the decor in this pure white frameless laundry room. Here, no colorful paint is used, just a pale and innocent look that somehow works great as a laundry room. Modern laundry room design needs to be simple and practical, by removing complicated decorative elements. The color pure white is a perfect option for a place to wash dirty clothes. Less is more and better.


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