15 Stunning Best Bathroom Ideas 2022

A detailed look at the 15 most stunning best bathroom design ideas in 2022 and how they can make your experience better.


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We are all aware that a bathroom plays a pivotal role in every residential and non-residential place. While it remains an intrinsic part of every building to have one, it's clear that each has its own bathroom design. If you're looking for an excellent bathroom vanity wholesaler, or If you have been thinking about bathroom remodelling for whatever purpose, and feel stuck, then you are at the right place. We are going to analyse the 15 most stunning best new restroom/bathroom ideas 2022 that you can borrow, and most vital of it all, which areas they are best suited for. That way you will be in a better position when making your selection. Stick through the end to find out more.

Content of Best Bathroom Design Ideas 2022: 

  1. Two in one(Combined bath and Shower)

  2. Dual Showerheads

  3. Indoor-outdoor Convergene

  4. The Wet Room Design

  5. A Blue Bathroom Design Idea

  6. Classic White Bathroom Design

  7. Bubble Gum & Coton Candy Design

  8. Jump into Broody Black Bathroom

  9. Add in Escentric Wood-like Tiles

  10. Convoluted Motifs

  11. Slate of Earth

  12. Chevron Gradient

  13. Hexgon Goes Berserk

  14. The Shower is Everythig

  15. Think of a Bold Basin Design


1. Two in one(Combined bath and Shower)


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/bathroom-vanity-plwy21113.


The notion of a two-in-one shower and bath is being reimagined. A glass barrier now separates a big shower and tub from a confined tub with a showerhead and shower drapes. It's an excellent option for individuals who value pragmatism and efficiency. Additionally, it's suitable for both large and small spaces.

Advantages of this Shower Design

1. Saves space: A standalone shower and tub can be accommodated in larger bathrooms. A bathtub shower combo is an excellent alternative if you don't have the room.

2. Protean: A bath and shower combo caters to the various demands of each family member, such as washing tiny children or showering older children. When visitors arrive, they can select between the two options.

3. Cost-effective: Prefabricated bath and shower combinations are extremely cost-effective and simple to install. Even if you choose a more high-end tiled design for your bath shower combo, the materials and manpower required to create a standalone shower and bath will be less expensive.

2. Dual Showerheads


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Matte-Lacquer-Bathroom-Cabinet-PLWY20051.


It's no longer necessary to wait for your significant other to complete showering. Two persons can shower at the same time with larger showers and dual showerheads. This is both functional and symmetrically pleasing. This function also frames features such as fashionable bathroom tiles and decor accents.

To enhance them to stand out, even more, use fittings that contrast with the room's colour theme. To illustrate, a black finish will contrast with bright colours, whereas white will stick out in a dimly lit room.

Dual showerheads are one of the most technologically sophisticated showering gadgets on the marketplace currently. They are available in all modern establishments, allowing you to make your bathing experience more fascinating and refreshing.

Advantages of Dual Showerheads

1. Time-saving: If you and your family live together, you did not have to wait for one another to shower. You may just enter the bathroom with your partner or your kids to save time since they can bathe simultaneously utilizing different showerheads.

2. User-friendliness: You may effortlessly adjust any of the two showerheads to target water on a particular part of the body using dual showerheads. This eliminates the need for parkour to access all of your body's nooks and crannies.

3. Indoor-outdoor Convergence


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Modern-Melamine-Bathroom-Mirror-Cabinet-PCWY19001.


The idea of blurring the barriers between the interior and exterior is not new. The bathroom styles 2022, on the other hand, go a step farther. Bathrooms blend in with their environs thanks to a combination of positioning, materials, and design. In the interior, anticipate seeing more wood and larger glass walls.

We're talking about putting glass walls and a glass door in the bathroom or putting a standalone tub on a terrace (or in the garden) so you can bathe while admiring the scenery. Imagine lathering up to the sound of birdsong or the rustling of trees, or lounging in the tub smelling the roses (or whatever else is blossoming). Bringing nature into your bathroom has its major perks to your health

These modern bathroom design ideas, unsurprisingly, function best in warm weather. 

4. The Wet Room Design 


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The wet room is the answer to a bathroom designer's worst nightmare: partitions. The rest of the process is made easier by creating an internal shell that can endure the damp conditions of a bathroom. For starters, there's no need for a divided shower cubicle because the bath, sink, and shower may all be included within the same section. Furthermore, these rooms are simple to clean and are excellent for optimizing floor space.

Wet rooms are still a good idea for tiny areas, but they're now showing up in high-end bathrooms designs. It's a natural progression from the popular standalone tub fad of recent years. And there is a variety of decorations you introduce to make it more appealing to your style.


1. A wet room is extremely feasible: A wet room not only looks great in stylish, modern small bathrooms design, but it's also quite functional. For the sole reason that a wet room contains virtually little, they're extremely simple to wash.

2. A wetroom expands your design possibilities: By eliminating the bath, you will be able to maximize your expanse and lighten up the area. There's also no necessity for a large shower surrounded by doors that can obstruct the little area you have.

3. Your home's worth can be increased by installing a wet room: A wet room as an additional bathroom is becoming increasingly popular among homebuyers. So if you may want to sell it in the future, add this bathroom design idea to it.

5. A Blue Bathroom Design Idea


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/bathroom-cabinet-plwy17102.


Cool tones are keeping their place in the spotlight. Your space might be big or informal dependent on the hue of blue you use. Indigo or navy, for example, has a ceremonial aspect to it and adds emphasis to a space. Chalky blue or turquoise, on the contrary, might conjure up images of the seaside. Cool hues look well with warm materials like wood or bamboo, with whichever hue you prefer.

The wonderful thing about blue is that it complements so many other colours on the colour spectrum. Whether you want to create a bathroom that seems relaxing and beachy, sumptuous and feminine, or ultra-modern, blue can help you achieve whatever design you want.

It might be tough to pin down your lifelong style if you're a lover of all things home décor, as we are at OPPEIN. The good news is that you don't have to choose just one. This blue bathroom combines several styles to produce a unique design. The little tile on the upper part of the walls feels contemporary, while the blue subway tile has a more historic sense. The two styles combine to give a classic but playful design.

6. Classic White Bathroom Design


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/op62-l21ll-shower-room.


White is one of those colours that will never go out of style. For bathroom hues in 2022, on the other hand, get inventive within the confines of all things white. In this all-white bathroom, a marble-clad bathtub surrounds and flooring create depth and structure.

There is one other colour that works nicely with white, and that colour is, obviously, black. Even though they are diametrically opposed, they work well together, and you can employ black as an accessory in the bathroom for a variety of items, including all of the fixtures, mouldings, and decorations, as well as the floor tiles. That way, the area remains light and open while not appearing dull.

7. Bubble Gum & Cotton Candy Design


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One of the bathroom colour combinations that is guaranteed to make you smile is one that is inspired by the loveliest things in life. Interiors with cotton candy and bubblegum colours are bright and energetic, making them ideal for a stylish house. They'll also provide you with the adrenaline boost you require in the morning.

8. Jump into Broody Black Bathroom


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/2019-Functioanal-Wood-Grain-Bathroom-Cabinet-PLWY19071A.


The darkest of the three hues has already appeared in bathroom design trends, most notably as stand-out fixtures or matte black bathtubs. Black, on the other hand, will cover walls and floors, creating a stark contrast inversion. With gleaming gold finishes and fittings, this base will stand out. Illuminate the bathroom with low to dim light to complete the exquisite setting. Throw in a Plant or two if you like. This bathroom decor idea is simple and anyone call pull it off with very little effort.

9. Add in Escentric Wood-like Tiles


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/bathroom-cabinet-plwy17079.


In general, trends are shifting toward a more naturalistic feel than in previous years. As a result, there will be more earthy, tactile textures on the walls and floors. Wood-look tiles are a wonderful alternative to wood since they may expand and shrink in an unmanaged atmosphere. Vertical tiles, one of the favourite bathroom designs for 2022, may help make a space look larger. The most ideal part about this design is that it suits perfectly all bathroom sizes perfectly and is easily customizable.

10.  Convoluted Motifs 


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/plwy18168.


Elegant and minimalist bathrooms benefit from intricate and multi-paned tiles. But that isn't the end of it. In reality, these bathroom tile designs may be incorporated into a variety of design styles, ranging from maximalist to the contemporary Mediterranean to minimalistic. When combined with a light colour theme and modern finishes, they'll make quite the statement.

11. Slate of the Earth


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/op82-t4all-shower-room.


Slate has progressively grown in popularity since its inception years ago. With such a natural dark appearance and naturalistic grain, it's simple to understand why. Slate has an obvious earthiness about it, making it ideal for homes influenced by nature. It's no surprise that such a daring material has risen to prominence of the bathroom tile ideas 2022.

12. Chevron Gradient 


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/bc16-l03-bathroom-vanity.


Chevron tiling has made a reappearance, but this time with a spin. With varied coloured ceramics, marble, or glass, the meandering or v-shaped design broadens the scope this time. Bathroom decor will include this Art Deco accent as a central focus this year.

13. Hexagon Goes berserk


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/op33-l31ra-shower_room.


A favourite is being pushed to new creative heights by designers. The hexagon, which is one of the most popular tile designs, will get a fun upgrade. Restroom ideas in 2022 will have the tiniest and daintiest floor tiles as well as magnificent items. Furthermore, trendsetters will not keep to a single tile shape. You can use hexagon, herringbone, and subway tiles in a single space to create a unified look.

14. The Shower Is Everything


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/shower-room-op56-l21ll.


Since the inception of the luxury soak, standalone tubs have been the centre of attention. Showers, on the other hand, take centre stage in 2022 bathroom renovation ideas. A walk-in shower or a complete wet room makeover will create the bathroom feel unmistakably high-end and fashionable. Try installing a skylight over the shower if you have the space. This will undoubtedly shine a natural focus on the opulent room.

15.  Think of a Bold Basin Design




Modern beautiful bathroom ideas for 2022 make it feasible to make a small bathroom as spectacular as a grand bathroom. For example, basin design is attractive, streamlined, and slips into even the tiniest of areas. With these beautiful and delicate basins, you could be persuaded to forego a larger design.


So there you go! The best bathroom ideas you can adopt. And we are pretty sure that you may be wondering how to get the best ones yet. Well, you can reach us and we are sure that we will be able to offer you just what you need for your new bathroom Design idea. You can be rest assured that our team will provide nothing short of spectacular service.

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