10 Spice Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

10 spice storage ideas that can meet all your needs. Get inspired by browsing these brilliant spice organization ideas!

10 Spice Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy. There should always have a designated storage space for cooking spices in a kitchen. As one of the most often used things in the room, your spice jars deserve a better organization solution to ensure a clutter-free working zone. What is the best way to organize spice storage in your kitchen? What kinds of solutions are best suited to a small kitchen? Is there any space that can be rearranged for spice organization? This blog offers 10 spice storage ideas that can meet all your needs. Get inspired by browsing these brilliant spice organization ideas!

1. Use the back of the cabinet door


Exploring the potential space is the key to optimizing the kitchen storage solution. Thus, we optimize the interior storage space of the cabinet by using the back of the door. Take a moment to consider this. If you store things in the deepest part of a shelf, and as you keep more items on the shelf, you will find it increasingly difficult to reach the storage. Therefore, adding spice racks to the back of the door is a better option to fully utilize your cabinet's storage space since the shelf has been shallowed to allow easy access.

2. Install a pull-down cabinet spice rack


The wall cabinet is also a hard-to-reach storage space. Why don't you install a pull-down spice rack and make the wall cabinet easy to use? Take a look at this five-tier basket, which is a brilliant kitchen storage accessory to better use the inner storage space and keep spices and groceries organized.

3. Add open spice shelving


Place often-used spices somewhere you can easily see and access. Otherwise, you will have to dig through your kitchen for these jars, which can be very annoying. However, keeping them on the counter would create clutter that would hamper the overall appearance of your kitchen. Here's your savior - the spice shelf! This can help you organize the most-used spices and create a spice wall if you want to enhance the tidiness of your kitchen.

4. Make in-cabinet spice storage


As we mentioned before, the innermost part of the cabinet can be hard to reach. We present you with another clever method for gaining access to the inner space. This in-cabinet spice storage rack is retractable, allowing you to pull it down and hide it in the cabinet effortlessly. Additionally, this spice organization kit will make it easier to clean the interior of your cabinet.

5. Add an under-cabinet spice holder


How to organize spices with little space? Try this under-cabinet rack. Add a rack or shelf beneath the wall cabinet to use the bottom of the wall cabinet for storage, where you may never have thought it was possible. This will make it easy to see and grab what you need, saving valuable cabinet space.

6. Get a corner spice cabinet


If you have many spices and seasonings to store, a specific spice cabinet would be a better way to keep them organized. We recommend that you make full use of the corner space by creating a blind corner cabinet to hold these bottles and jars. Convert this small or awkward space into a functional zone.

7. Add spice trays to the cabinet


Want to keep spices easily accessible without placing them on the kitchen counter? Besides creating a spice shelf, these spice trays are handy for extending counter space. Pull the tray out while using it as an extension of the countertop, and push the spice storage back after cooking. What a brilliant spice insert, both functional and visually appealing!

8. Install a pull-out spice cabinet


There can be many overlooked or awkward places in the kitchen, such as the gap between appliances and cabinets. But rather than ignoring them, take advantage of them. Spice cabinets, like the one above, provide tons of storage while using a small space. Try this spice organization idea to spruce up your kitchen.

9. Try kitchen spice organizers for drawer


Apparently, you could make a spice drawer for spice organization, but that doesn't mean you should just throw jars and bottles in. Kitchen spice organization needs to be done with one rule: keep them neat and clear and ready to be used. So, if you use the drawer for spice storage, get some inserts to arrange them, and stick labels on the bottles and jars. It will make your daily cooking much more efficient.

10. Add removable seasoning holders


Exploring the not-used space is the way to maximize the capacity of a small kitchen. Likewise, the wall above the counter should never be wasted. Since we use spices for cooking, a removable sliding spice holder could be a genius idea. When you add these accessories, you can store and access the spices you need easier while cooking. Moreover, these spice organizers are extremely easy to clean due to their removable design.

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