Social Kitchen – The Breakfast Bar Table

In most modern homes, the kitchen is a social space, an area designed not just for cooking but also for entertaining guests and interacting with family members.

In such a configuration, the breakfast bar is often at the heart of the space. But what is in fact a breakfast bar? You could consider it the casual equivalent of the dining table. Give even a small kitchen a sociable vibe by inserting a stylish seating post. In fact, the breakfast table is either an extension of the kitchen island or the island itself, hence the term “bar” that defines it.

The height of the breakfast bar table can vary depending on each kitchen’s design and layout.

You can use the breakfast bar table is various different ways: to grab a quick meal, as extra counter space when prepping food and even as a homework table for the kids. It can even be utilized for small, informal dinners but also as a party zone when entertaining. It’s one of the most versatile furniture elements in the modern home and a central piece for social kitchens.

Here the breakfast bar table is a side extension of the kitchen island


A possibility is also to have a breakfast bar that’s the same height as the island counter

When the bar and counter have more or less the same height, the contrast of materials can differentiate them


In some cases, the breakfast bar is simply a kitchen worktop accompanied by stools


The breakfast table here is raised several centimeters above the island counter


Small kitchens can have a breakfast table too, even if they’re not big enough to have an island


The breakfast table can extend to the side and form an L-shape with the counter


This is a breakfast bar for two. It’s added to the side of the kitchen island and it’s really cute


Above examples proves that a breakfast bar doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple plank and a pair of stools are all that’s required to create a space for intimate dining with a front-row seat for neighborhood street life.


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