Small Magic Kitchen — 7 Tips to Maximize the Kitchen Storage Space

Small kitchens are not easy to decorate because of the limitation of the space.

It can be difficult to decorate small kitchens because of their limited space. It needs some ideas on how to decorate if you want to have all the features of a large kitchen. Below we have outlined some key points for designing a small kitchen to maximize the kitchen space. See these useful suggestions for arranging your kitchen storage and creating a magic kitchen!

1. Choose the right kitchen layout


U-shaped kitchens offer a lot of storage and workspace. It may seem unlikely that a U-shaped kitchen would work in a small space. It is, however, possible for this kitchen layout to fit in narrow areas as well. With a small U-shaped kitchen like the one above, there are ample cabinets on the walls, and a U-shaped countertop creates an efficient cooking triangle.

2. Hang utensils up



If horizontal storage space is limited, why don't we consider vertical storage? A kitchen storage rack hanging from the ceiling will allow you to make full use of the space above your head. The kitchen saver can greatly enhance your cooking experience by keeping kitchen utensils close at hand. But please test the height first, too high may be hard to reach and too low may be dangerous to get bumped on the head.

3. Never waste the blind corner space



For the kitchen corner to be as functional as possible, we must add some features, such as corner baskets or lazy susans. These kitchen shelves solve the problem of storage space at the blind corner, allowing you to utilize every inch of the kitchen storage space.

4. Build oven and stove in


Small kitchens should use all their available space to the maximum. Installing built-in appliances in the kitchen will let you save the most interior space. Built-in stoves, for example, are located directly in cabinets without taking any other space on the countertop. Integrating appliances into the kitchen will create a consistent look and reduce clutter. With this solution, you will be amazed how much kitchen space can be saved.

5. Add hanger to the backsplash



The backsplash protects your kitchen wall. Attaching some hangers to it will allow it to become a perfect storage spot for condiments and small kitchenware. If possible, you also can build a built-in track on the wall with removable shelves so that these kitchen organizers can greatly increase your kitchen utility.

6. Fill the drawers with dividers



It may surprise you, but most storage shortages are caused by inefficient organization. Therefore, we recommend you to get some drawer dividers for your kitchen cabinet. They are excellent for organizing kitchen storage so everything has a place to go. Take these little kitchen savers back home and rearrange your kitchen space (not only the drawers, but also the refrigerator) to find out how much space you can save.

7. Get customized kitchen cabinet        



Rather than being torn by a lack of storage in your kitchen, a customized kitchen cabinet is the best option. OPPEIN, as a kitchen cabinet expert, considers your convenience to be the most important factor in kitchen cabinet design. Depending on your kitchen dimensions as well as your storage needs, our designers can make sure that cooking and storage functions are best suited to your kitchen space.

Even with a small kitchen cabinet, we can utilize every inch to the fullest for maximum storage capacity. So, if you are overwhelmed with the kitchen design, Oppein is always glad to help you make the perfect fitted kitchen cabinets. 


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