Small magic kitchen — maximize the space of kitchen

Small kitchens are not easy to decorate because of the limitation of the space.

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Small kitchens are not easy to decorate because of the limitation of the space. What if you want to have all the functions like a big kitchen, it needs some ideas to decorate. How to decorate the kitchen in a reasonable way? Let’s look at the key points of the designs of the small kitchens.



Small U Shaped Shaker Kitchen

U-shaped kitchens provide lots of storage and work surface. They’re also very safe since they have only one entrance and no through traffic.

Here are some suggestions for the small kitchens to be decorated.

1. Pay attention to the collecting function.

One of the important ways for the design of the small kitchen is that you should pay attention to the function of receiving and collecting.Because there are a lot of miscellaneous supplies and tools in the small kitchen, it may be easy to be out of order.  Therefore, the collecting function of the small kitchens should take the best use of the space into account. Here in OPPEIN, you can design the triangular cabinets or corner cabinets to accommodate your kitchen, which can not only makes full use of space, but also solves the problem of insufficient collection, and makes the kitchen look more harmonious and complete.


8 Square Meters U-shaped Modern Style Small Kitchen Cabinet

We cover all the angles of the kitchen corner. This is a clever way to make the most of kitchen corners to get extra storage.

2.Embedded electric kitchen machines are the best choice.

In small kitchens, all the space should be in the most use. If you choose the embedded electric kitchen machines, you can effectively save the kitchen interior space to the most extent. For example, the embedded hoods, which is directly installed in the cabinet, is opened when needed and is closed when is finishing used. The embedded electric kitchen machines can make the whole space tidier, large and more beautiful.


Small L-Shaped Wood Grain Laminate Kitchen

Separate the cooktop and sink. This arrangement creates a distinction between your kitchen’s cook zone and washes zone, which facilitates efficient use of the space.

3.Use simple colour to open the vision.

Generally speaking, the design of small kitchens should not use a variety of colour patterns, or the decorative materials of stereoscopic patterns and strong chiaroscuro. These will make the whole kitchen space narrow and let you have visual fatigue. The reasonable colour should be mainly cold colouring, generally white, grey and other light tonality, preferably with a colourful ceramic tile as decoration, so that we can have a few lively elements in a slightly monotonous space.


6 Square Meters L-shaped Nordic Style Small Kitchen

L-shape kitchen layout takes a streamlined, flexible approach and can be easy to operate. See how a smart layout. This compact kitchen fits in modern appliances, a walk-in pantry, and plenty of storage and countertop space.

4.The layout had better be I shape or L shape.

The layouts of I shape or L shape are the most reasonable decoration. One of the most basic concepts is the “triangular workspace”. For example, the most ideal position of the sink, operating table and kitchen table is a triangle shape, and the distance is no more than one meter. However, in the long and narrow kitchen, such design may not be realized. Therefore, OPPEIN reminds you that the most suitable layouts are probably I shape or L shaped, which can be designed according to the individual daily life.


Batimatec 2015 Lacquer and Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

This kitchen shows the precision beauty of minimalist aesthetics. Its simple colour assortment emanates a fresh atmosphere. Immaculately crafted in a subtle elegance captures the fashionable essence of urban living. Grey quartz stone and wood grain laminate countertop add rich elements to the kitchen.

5. Use customized kitchen cabinet.

In the small kitchen, the area is very limited. So for the small kitchen, you’d better order the customized kitchen cabinet. In OPPEIN design, it will take humanity into consideration, the function of cooking and storage must exist. All the area is included, such as cooking, washing, preparing and storage areas. Based on the principles of operation convenience, the principles of home ergonomics and the principles of manufacturing, the height of the cabinets as well as people’s daily activities are all considered, such as walking, storage, washing and cooking.





High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen Design with Multi Color Optional

This kitchen is not so big but with reasonable layout. Custom kitchen cabinets on either side of range hood maximize the storage space. Furthermore, This kitchen cabinet has different colours for choice.