Skills for wardrobe storage

As we all know, the first impression counts. For this reason, the wardrobe in the entrance area should be functional and friendly.

As we all know, the first impression counts. For this reason, the wardrobe in the entrance area should be functional and friendly. But where can we put all of the bits and pieces that look for an abode when we arrive and have to accompany us next time we leave? The bigger the wardrobe, the messier the clothes inside, the more difficult it is to find clothes. In fact, this is the result of the lack of acceptance skills.

This article briefly introduces some skills of wardrobe reception.

Step 1: Tidy up

For fashion girls with lots of clothes, every inch of wardrobe space is very precious. Old clothes can’t be replaced by new ones. Don’t let the old clothes you don’t often wear take up all your space. Donate or give away the unsuitable clothes. This is a good start!

Australian Style Melamine Sliding Wardrobe

Step 2: Arrange in color

Colors can be arranged according to their shades. Today, you don’t have to go through the whole wardrobe to try on colors.

L Shape Lacquer Walk-in Closet

Step 3: Classify clothes

If you are not accustomed to the color arrangement, it’s OK. Besides color arrangement, you can also consider classifying according to clothing types, such as knitted sweaters, jeans, long skirts and so on. You can also avoid buying similar styles by yourself.

Modern Beige Lacquer Walk-in Wardrobe

Step 4: Combination accessories

Women’s goods can not only be simple jackets and pants, but also choose a group of wardrobes including drawers, boxes, and hangers, and put clothes such as scarves or belts in different categories will save you a lot of time!

4 Panels Sliding Door Wardrobe

Step 5: Transparent drawers

Place accessories such as sunglasses, bracelets or earrings in transparent plastic drawers, which are handier when matching.

Sliding Wardrobe with Open Shelving

What’s inside your wardrobe is just as important as the wardrobe itself. Wardrobe interiors allow you to declutter the inside of your wardrobe and organize your favorite clothes, shoes and accessories in a way that ensures they are perfectly presented, and easy to find.

Here, we recommend some tips for your wardrobe decoration.

1. L shape hanger

The L-shaped hanger divides the area into three small areas: the place of dresses, the shorts area: hanging jackets, shirts, the shorts area: the place of shorts, skirts, handbags and so on.

2. Lattice frame

Every woman has a lot of accessories. It’s easy to find them when thrown away. It’s much easier to hide wardrobes. Let the hairpin and other data corners, distinguish them, let the wardrobe well organized.

3. Trousers rack

Dress pants are not a wise choice because they are frightened of wrinkles. It is suggested to install a trouser rack and decide the size according to the quantity. Make the color and texture clear at a glance.


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