Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Guide

A detailed overview of everything you need to know about shaker kitchen cabinets.

Shaker cabinets have withstood the test of time and gained popularity due to their adaptability and low cost. Renovating your existing kitchen cabinets into a bespoke shaker cabinet will never break the bank. Essentially, shaker cabinets strike a balance between low cost and architectural flexibility. Does this seem like what you're searching for? Continue reading to find out more about shaker cabinetry.

A Shaker kitchen is unquestionably a masterpiece. But what is it that makes it so? Why have Shaker cabinets been so popular for so long? And may Shaker-style cabinets be just what you're searching for?

What Exactly Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?


The most common form of cabinet is the Shaker cabinet. A five-piece structure with a sunken center panel is their hallmark aesthetic. They are distinguished by minor embellishments that generate elegant lines. Because this type of cabinet offers a number of design alternatives, its adaptability may help a space feel futuristic or classic. Shaker cabinets have a long history in houses, beginning centuries ago with a religious group in the United Kingdom and subsequently spreading to the United States.

Overall, the construction is straightforward; what may be improved are the material, hardware, color, and cabinet door panels. Because of their basic, clean lines, they are easy to match to a range of designs in kitchens and bathrooms. 

The distinction between these cabinet designs is based on where the cabinet door rests on the cabinet front and how much of the square face is visible. When the door is closed on this cabinet type, roughly 1 inch of the cabinet frame is visible. A complete overlay cabinet door, on the other hand, covers the whole face frame of the cabinet with no obvious gaps. 

Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Out of Style?


Shaker kitchens have long been popular. They never cease to be appealing. Of course, some of this may be attributed to history. However, the major reasons why Shaker cabinets have also been among the most beautiful cabinets available are straightforward. It all comes down to the balance between durability and adaptability. Furthermore, true style never goes out of style.

While other cabinet types have come and gone, Shaker cabinets have remained a constant style due to their basic construction and flexibility to fit practically any style or taste. Shaker cabinets are like an unassuming canvas on which you may paint, varnish, or add innovative hardware to get the look you want. Though shaker cabinets are synonymous with farmhouse kitchens, there are ways to give your cabinets a modern or classic twist. 

So, are Shaker cabinets out of fashion? No! Shaker cabinets are all here to stay, thanks to their various possibilities and adaptability.

Outstanding features of shaker cabinets

  1. Extremely simple and adaptable

  2. Can be readily combined with various materials and design aspects

  3. The simple structure ensures longevity.

  4. Simple to repair and clean

Colors of Shaker Cabinets


One of the most significant benefits of selecting a shaker design kitchen for your house is the vast array of colors and styles available. Shaker kitchen color schemes are intended to be timeless and beautiful rather than 'on-trend,' making them great for anybody who wants to enjoy their cooking for many years to come. Here are some examples of colors for bespoke shaker cabinets: 

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


Since white reflects light in your area, white Shaker cabinets will make your room look bigger and brighter. White complements the clean and simple form of Shaker cabinets, making your space feel more open and inviting. White also serves as an excellent backdrop for accenting centerpieces and permitting other colors and wood finishes to stand out. Classic white shaker cabinets meet the budget and attractiveness for your inexpensive remodel in modern kitchens. It complements the stainless finish of your new kitchen appliances. Similarly, a granite kitchen or white quartz countertop and island will be ideal.

Gray Shaker Cabinet



Gray is yet another common color option. With so many different gray tones to select from, painting your Shaker cabinets gray may complement any design, from farmhouse to ultra-modern. Gray, on the other hand, might appear drab if not matched with contrasting accents such as bright bar stools, eye-catching surfaces, or vibrant décor.

Black Shaker Cabinet



Black cabinets are both striking and classy. One of the advantages of black cabinets is that filth and dirt will be less evident. Because black cabinets absorb more light than reflect, it may be better to mix them with pale flooring or counters to balance out the severity.

Two-Toned Shaker Cabinet


Because simplicity is the ultimate beauty, you can never go wrong with two-toned shaker cabinets. For example, white shaker floating cabinets will offer an airy and modern vibe. The base cabinets beneath your countertop and kitchen island, on the other hand, can be light brown shaker cabinets. This is a nice mix of modernity with a vintage touch.

Natural Hardwood Grain


If you enjoy a cabin-type or rustic kitchen, this design and finish are ideal for you. The richness and natural grandeur of the wooden shaker cabinets would captivate you. Contemporary shaker cabinets made of Wooden or Oakwood will provide a dark and striking tan brown kitchen. Meanwhile, Birch,  Walnut, and Birchwoods are lighter in color.


We hope that this guide has answered your questions regarding shaker-style kitchens and helped you to understand a bit more about them before making the purchase. If you have any questions that we didn't address or would like to purchase Shaker cabinets, please contact us; OPPEIN is always happy to assist.

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