Popular Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Colors 2023

A detailed overview of some of the captivating shaker kitchen cabinet colors..


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Due to their practical appeal and varied design possibilities, Shaker cabinetry is the best model of kitchen cabinets. They are necessary for storage, but they can also be the focal point of your kitchen, adding flair and design to the room. There are many different colors to accent your shaker kitchen cabinets if you're remodeling or upgrading your kitchen.  Let us take a look at some of the most popular shaker cabinet colors..

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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White cabinets reflect sunlight, making the space appear bright and expansive. This is very useful in a tiny kitchen.

White Shaker cabinets are a common pick because they are ageless, even when kitchen trends change. Any future adjustments to the kitchen that the owner desires may be made with the white cabinets while still looking current and fresh. 

Since white is such a versatile hue, the possibilities for accent colors for backsplash, worktops, and paint are virtually limitless. Choose a range of colors for a vibrant kitchen, or stick to a white theme for a sleek and contemporary kitchen.

Blue Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Blue Shaker cabinets are popular this year, ranging from dark blue to a lighter shade. The usage of blue cabinetry in a kitchen will create a statement. Dark blue cabinetry provide a comfortable atmosphere in a large kitchen. This shaker cabinet color complements natural and stainless-steel features effectively.

Lighter blue kitchens can be paired with white counters to maintain the space feeling open and airy. Silver hardware can bring everything together. Cabinets in any shade of blue may be matched with white subway tiles for something like the backsplash. This combination has the potential to create a traditional, beautiful kitchen. A multicolored tile floor with blue accents may truly make the kitchen appear high-end and give vibrancy to the area.

Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Black Shaker cabinets may give your kitchen a clean, modern appeal. They are an unusual addition to the kitchen, but they may highlight the clean lines of the Shaker design. The dark hue may add contrast to an otherwise basic house.

In a gloomy kitchen, the quantity of light from openings and artificial lighting is critical. Lighter paint, worktop, and backsplash colors are required to offset the blackness of the cabinets. The contrast between the two will give the room balance and proportion. When done appropriately, black cabinets may give warmth to the kitchen while also being the main point of the space.

Dark Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Dark gray is a timeless and adaptable hue that many designers and homeowners choose. This preferred hue, in addition to featuring on furniture and decor, is a common option for kitchen cabinets.

The dark gray shaker cabinets have a framework with minimalistic and a sleek appearance, and they may be matched with contemporary kitchen appliances and worktops to create a modern minimalist vibe in the kitchen. The same charcoal kitchen cabinets with brushed nickel lend a more transitional vibe to the space. Dark gray cabinets are ideal for the fashionable two-tone design.

Light Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Grey has been a popular kitchen color in recent years. Grey Shaker cabinets are neutral enough to provide the homeowner with a number of options when arranging the kitchen.

Light grey cabinets can be matched with blue or green undertoned paint. They may also complement any wood tone for flooring to blend or contrast with the cabinets. Because grey is a neutral hue, the backsplash may be as distinctive and vibrant as the homeowner desires.

Cream Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Cream kitchen cabinets have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, and for legitimate reason! Cream is warmer than white and gives a kitchen design a classic and elegant appeal. Cream-colored shaker cabinets complement a wide range of design styles, including modern, rustic, classic, rural, and farmhouse.

Light Green Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Light green is particularly popular in kitchens right now, but that doesn't imply it's a fleeting fad. Rather, this bright and soothing color is a natural, virtually neutral option that you'll adore for years to come.

Light green kitchen cabinets are a terrific way to give your kitchen an earthy, organic vibe. It's a great choice for traditional style and goes well with wood - the subdued tones contrast beautifully with natural pine and oak.

Green Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Green is a versatile color that appears as at home in a modern environment as it does in a rural kitchen.'

Dark greens may make bigger kitchens appear really sophisticated. They don't have to be out of the picture for smaller spaces. Keep in mind that the brightest of greens can feel chilly, so avoid them in rooms with a north-facing orientation.

Wood Shaker Kitchen Cabinet


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Wood cabinets can bring warmth to any home. Woodgrain Shaker cabinets are available in a range of colors, from honey to espresso. A natural wood finish provides a neutral foundation for kitchen decor.

A darker granite countertop with a gray and black mosaic tile backsplash might compliment a lighter shade of woodgrain. This keeps the kitchen looking neat and elegant. A deeper woodgrain contrasts well with a lighter or white tabletop and silver accents.

Orange or Yellow Shaker Kitchen


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Bolder, brighter, and warmer hues are becoming more popular as kitchen cabinet colour schemes. These vibrant colors may be employed throughout the space or in certain areas, such as kitchen island ideas placed against a white or charcoal backdrop. They're vibrant colors that may provide a great backdrop for a kitchen where friends and family convene.


Choose a shaker cabinet hue that complements you and the entire design. Contact Oppein for a free design discussion to learn how Shaker cabinets may improve the look of your kitchen.

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