15 Refreshing Bathroom Designs That You Should Know

Are you looking for cool bathroom designs to inspire your upcoming renovation project? 

Check out the cool bathroom designs and get inspirations from OPPEIN now!

Are you looking for cool bathroom designs to inspire your upcoming renovation project? Whether you are planning for minor upgrades or an entire overhaul, keep in mind that your future bathroom does not only need to be clean, tidy, and functional. It also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and present a cozy vibe.

To spark some creativity, we have gathered an array of bathroom ideas to help you come up with a spa-level haven style at the comfort of your home. So brace yourself as we start listing down a series of glamorous vanities, relaxing bathtubs, and sleek showers. Here are Oppein’s bestseller bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Wood Grain Melamine Bathroom Cabinet


Source: Wood-Grain-Melamine-Bathroom-Cabinet-PLWY20101

Oppein believes that wood grain finish never gets old. Just take a glimpse at this wood-toned vanity that embodies simplicity and fashion, making the whole area a feeling of nature. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something in your bathroom with a vintage touch, yet it looks chic.

Modern Black Bathroom Vanity in HPL and Lacquer Finish


Source: Modern-Black-Bathroom-Vanity-PLWY20103

Aiming for a modern bathroom look with an edge? Then get this modern black vanity from Oppein. This vanity set has different types of cabinets which provide plenty of storage space for such a small room. Our bathroom vanity is made from lacquer and laminate materials which are both waterproof and moist-proof. This means this set will last for a long time.

High Gloss Brown Acrylic Bathroom Vanity

High-Gloss-Brown-Acrylic-Bathroom-Vanity-PLWY18070 (2).jpg

Source: bathroom-cabinet-plwy18070

This high gloss acrylic brown vanity set can serve as your bathroom shelves, medicine cabinet, and toilet storage to help organize your bathroom. With a drop-down drawer and shelves and open cabinet, all your bathroom needs close at hand.

Traditional White Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity

Traditional-Bathroom-Solid-Wood-Bathroom-Vanity-PLWY18157 (2).jpg

Source: bathroom-cabinet-plwy18157

Are you aiming for a healthy space for your bathroom? Then there should be factors you need to consider like dry wet separation and layer space. Note that you will have easy access to it by placing your washing machine into a corner whenever required. It won't look as though you are actually trying to hide it, which will make it draw less attention to itself. Just like we had in this white solid wood bathroom vanity design idea.

The Flourishing Age Series Bathroom Glass Shower Room


Source: op35-l21rr-shower_room

This glass shower room has a transitional vibe because it looks very modern with a flair of abstract designs in gold, not to mention the gold lining in support of the shower glass. Get this for your bathroom renovation and embrace its sophistication.

The Elaine Series Glass Shower Room

OP91-F42AA-The-Elaine-Series-Glass-Shower-Room (2).jpg

Source: op91-f42aa-shower-room

The Elaine series glass shower room is sleek and very modern in style. This is perfect for your renovation project if contemporary bathroom design is what you want to achieve since it portrays a minimalist feature.

The Green Series Glass Shower Room

OP62-L21LL-The-Green-Series-Glass-Shower-Room (2).jpg

Source: op62-l21ll-shower-room

This green series glass shower room is made from tempered glass made from Oppein, which is better than the European standard. This sleek, simple, and modernized glass shower fixture might be something your bathroom needs to spruce up the atmosphere.

Contemporary Style Whirlpool Bathtub


Source: bathtub-op-w5002

For those who seek a bathtub for two, Oppein’s contemporary style whirlpool tub has some consideration for you. This tub can provide plenty of room for two people to simply hang out and relax. What’s exciting is that this 2014 edition whirlpool bathtub features both surf and massage functions. Having this whirlpool tub in your bathroom is like a chance of getting a home spa every day.

State-of-the-Art Acrylic Bathtub


Source: bathtub-op-w5006

If you want a traditional bathroom style, you might want to add this unique fixture made in acrylic. This tub presents a lightweight structure consisting of fiberglass material with an acrylic layer over the top. Although it is uncommonly lighter compared to other tubs, it is durable and long-lasting. The great thing about this unit is the chrome legs that add contrast and flair to the bathtub. Also, it comes with a stylish metallic-gold faucet that is floor-mounted.

High-end Acrylic Bathtub in Various Colors


Source: bathtub-y1s01

Looking for a high-quality acrylic bathtub with a contemporary farmhouse glamour? Then get this high-end acrylic bathtub that is not only available in white variant, but is also available in bright red, pink, light green, purple, and yellow. What’s more, this tub is coated with a durable high-gloss finish that is both stain and scratch-resistant. Hence, having this model can be a good investment as it is easy to clean and will still be smooth even with many years of usage.

Round Embedded Massage Bathtub


Source: massage-bathtub-op-w5046

This round embedded massage bathtub can fit two persons. What’s fantastic about this tub is its unique form since it is usual to see rectangular tubs at home. This is great only for wide-spaced bathrooms due to its size and structure; the round tub is expected to accommodate many spaces.

Modern White Acrylic Massage Bathtub


Source: massage-bathtub-op-w557

A walk-in bathtub can give your mind at ease if you often worry about bathtub slips and falls. Our modern tub showcases an ideal space for bathing leisurely. It has a built-in pillow, seat, and grab handles. Oppein’s modern white acrylic massage tub comes with a faucet trim and drain hardware in chrome. Moreover, it features an overflow with multiple finishes available for polished metal fixtures.

Affordable White Ceramic Toilet Bowl


Source: op-w7002

A simple ceramic toilet is still in demand due to its uncomplicated features compared to those high-tech toilets. Keep in mind that a plain white ceramic toilet can easily match with the rest of your bathroom interior.

Ultra-quiet Ceramic Toilet


Source: toilet-op-w752

Not all toilets can function as much as Oppein’s ultra-quiet ceramic toilet. This toilet showcases stronger momentum but smooth flushes. Still, the real deal here is the ultra-quiet cover plate that can open a hundred thousands of times without getting damaged.

Two Channel Pipe Strong Water-saving Smart Toilet


Source: op-w7039r

One of OPPEIN’s bestsellers for toilet selection is our water-saving smart toilet with two-channel pipes. It is white and made of ceramic. The best thing about our customized toilet is its superior technology since it can automatically flush, change the water, and heat the water used.


Can’t get enough of bathroom ideas? Then check out Oppein’s website to know more about our recent products and offers. Reach us today!

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