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  • Wardrobes & Walk-in Closets for Sale in OPPEIN 

As one of the best closet factories/companies in China, OPPEIN offers three wardrobe types to match the various preferences of our customers. These are sliding-type wardrobes, hinged-type wardrobes, and walk-in-type wardrobes. If you are looking for a modern storage solution and don’t need too much space in front, then a sliding type is ideal for your taste. If you prefer a traditional option and want to see the whole closet, then the hinged type is an appropriate choice. But if you really want to buy a wardrobe and make room for more essential items, then a walk-in closet is the best dressing room option.

  • Wardrobes by Color

Many people struggle with what color to choose for a custom wardrobe. It is recommended to choose light colors for the wardrobe. If the color is too dark, such as gray wardrobe, black wardrobe, etc., it will make people feel depressed for a long time. The color is too bright and not good. Over time, it will cause visual fatigue, make people feel irritable, and also affect sleep. Light colors help to relax the mind and calm the mind. It is recommended to use light-colored wardrobes, white wardrobes, beige wardrobes, beige, pink jade and other colors that are warmer and conducive to rest and sleep.

  • Types of Wardrobes

    • Sliding Wardrobe

The custom sliding door wardrobe is very space-saving, suitable for small apartments with a small area. Space saving: Because the sliding door is used in the sliding door wardrobe, it does not occupy the bedroom space, so the space utilization rate is greatly improved, and it has an absolute advantage in the relatively narrow bedroom. The sliding door wardrobe can be directly embedded in the wall, and the wall and the wardrobe door are at the same level, which looks unified and neat. The design facilitates the space utilization of the bedroom, and also satisfies the compact order and rhythm of modern life.

    • Hinged Wardrobe

One of the more important advantages of hinged wardrobes compared to sliding door wardrobes is the absence of tracks. Hinged door wardrobes avoid the problem of track accidents or breakdowns entirely by employing a simpler design, less hardware and fewer parts that can fail. An important advantage of using a hinged wardrobe may be ease of access. In most cases, sliding door wardrobes will block half of the access to the wardrobe, while hinged doors can be opened to reveal the entire wardrobe. This makes it easier to store larger items in the wardrobe and increases the amount of light inside the closet without having to install lights in the closet.

The aesthetic appearance is another advantage of hinged wardrobe doors. Hinged doors can be fitted with hidden hinges and can be customized or completely eliminated with door and door handles. Some doors feature hand slots instead of handles, giving the room itself a smoother, cleaner aesthetic. However, the downside of hinged wardrobe doors is that they take up space in the room when opened. Unlike sliding doors that stay flush with the wardrobe surface, hinged doors swing outward, which means more space is required in front of the wardrobe to open and close the door safely.

    • Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets are custom designed and often require the use of a room or space to make them. The main function is to store clothes and shoes and hats. For many young people, this design style is very popular. When customizing, there are certain requirements for popular furniture. Generally, when choosing a custom walk-in closet, the minimum area is about 4-8 square meters. For the functional division of the walk-in closet, it must be clear, such as the shoe and hat area, the bedding area, the clothing area, etc. For many parents with children in the family, when considering custom walk-in closets, they pay great attention to functional division. A traditional wardrobe style is an ideal choice if you prefer to set a classic closet in your room. But if you are seeking a chic and trendy style, then go for a modern customized closet. And if you are torn between two kinds, you can just opt for the transitional style custom wardrobe.

  • Customize Your Closet in OPPEIN

You can get your wardrobe and walk-in closet here in OPPEIN. The fun part is that you can customize your own closet and even its storage accessories. More than that, we offer additional services, such as design, measurement, package, shipment, installation, and warranty. So if you like to start planning on your project, we can help you sort out what you really want with a reasonable closet price. Check out our recent offers in the product section and contact us today!