Ultra-quiet Ceramic Toilet OP-W752

Ultra-quiet Ceramic Toilet OP-W752
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Name: Ultra-quiet Ceramic Toilet

Model: OP-W752

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions Specification: 690*360*685mm

Hole distance: 305/400mm

Our Toilet Advantage

1) 1260℃ high temperature combustion: No smell, durable.

2) Whole pipeline set: More smooth flushing, stronger momentum.

3) Leading water-saving effect: Average only 3.5 liters of water consumption.

4) Super vortex siphon jet: 3 seconds of lightning surge, stronger momentum.

5) 3 inch large drain: Instantaneously water volume increased by 4 times.

6) ≥48MM large pipe: Not easy to be polluted, away from the jam.

7) Ultra-quiet cover plate: 200000 times opening and closing without damage.





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How to Choose Toilets

Nowadays, it is daunting to choose a suitable toilet for your bathroom as many selections are available. What you need to know are the essential things you have to consider when buying one so that you can get your ideal toilet. 

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  2. Next, select the correct configuration that is required for your bathroom.

  3. Also, you have to determine the rough-in and size requirements since toilets come in various sizes. You can get a tall toilet for added comfort, but it will still depend on your taste. 

  4. Then, choose the ideal flushing system and match the toilet to your bathroom design style - you can choose from traditional, modern, or transitional styles. 

  5. Finally, the most crucial factor to consider is toilet performance. Note that the bathroom is used a lot every day, so you want to be sure that it performs to the highest standards.