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OP-W7039R: Two Channel Pipe Strong Water-saving Smart Toilet

  • OP-W7039R: Two Channel Pipe Strong Water-saving Smart Toilet
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Smart Toilet:

Name: Two Channel Pipe Strong Water-saving Smart Toilet

Model: OP-W7039R

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions Specification: 710*380*560mm

Hole distance: 305/400mm

Our Toilet Advantage

1) Full intelligence

2) Automatic flushing device

3) Instant heating to use the water

4) Urea formaldehyde cover design

5) Two channel pipe

6) Automatic changing water



Eco-wood comes from Eco-friendly standard, and our Earth's extraordinary and irreplaceable forests need to be protected urgently. We have the power to end the destruction of our forests. And NC lacquer, PU paints and water-solvent paints are the most common paints applied in solid wood finishing, which are harm for human body, while Eco-wood do not use them. Formaldehyde emission is the standard to judge whether the living environment is healthy or not. In the living environment, most families are concerned about the environmental, which will affect their healthy. OPPEIN is always concerned about both family's health and environment protection.

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