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Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01

  • Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
  • Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
    Door Material : Lacquer
    Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
  • Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
    Countertop : Quartz Stone
    Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
  • Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
    Carcase : Particle Board
    Modern White Large Kitchen Cabinet OP19-L01
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The base material of door panel with lacquer is particle board. A sleek, versatile kitchen with both understated and stand-out features to personalize your home. Finished in gloss painted effect with integrated handles, this kitchen creates a sleek look. Connected with the smart electronic appliances, the comfortable feeling comes into sight for customers. Color white is amenable, minimalistic and high-end. OPPEIN lacquer material is imported aboard and advances large-scale manufacturing equipment from German. It has the highest grade in the manufacturing industry. OPPEIN products are matching with the necessary hardware and other accessories. All the colors, styles, shapes, size, materials can be customized among your budget.





Door Panel
Finest kitchens begin with the finest raw materials. OPPEIN Offers top quality raw materials for all your kitchen modules, from plywood to particle board.
Good Performance

Environmental friendly : Formaldehyde emission: E1 board≤1.5mg/L, no harmful to human being

Heat resistant : 0.6mm laminate on both sides

Scratch and abrasion resistant

Good screw holding capacity and load bearing capacity

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We provide the most styles & materials of door panels in the industry, which including solid wood, thermofoil, PVC, wood veneer, lacquer, acrylic, melamine, laminate, etc. You are guaranteed to find the finishes & colours you will love so that we can create a design that’s uniquely yours.

Countertops play an important role in the design and quality of a kitchen. The range of high-quality materials and different patterns is exceptionally broad at OPPEIN - and every material has its own special qualities.
Good Performance

Environmental friendly : Heavy metal free, direct contact with food is safe

High hardness : 90% quartz content, ranks 6.0 on Mohs hardness

Stain resistant, chemical products resistant : Non-porous, highly resistant to stains and chemical products

Flame retardant, heat resistant : as high as 300℃

Cooperate with international top brands: BLUM & Hettich. 50 years of service life. Passing 200,000 opening and closing cycle test.
  • BLUM Hinge
    BLUM Hinge
    World top hinge, imported from Austria
    50 years of service life. Passing 200,000 open
    Ing and closing cycle test
    Outstanding rustproof performance
    Passing 48 hours of salt spray test
  • HETTICH Ball-Bearing Slide
    HETTICH Ball-Bearing Slide
    Soft closing
    Strong load bearing capacity
    40 years of service life, passing 150,000 opening and closing cycle test
  • HETTICH Concealed Hanging Bracket
    HETTICH Concealed Hanging Bracket
    65KG load bearing capacity/pc, heavy duty and safe
    Easy assembly and adjustment
    Concealed assembly, no extra room required
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