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  • Kitchen Cabinets For Sale in OPPEIN

Founded in 1994 in China, OPPEIN has become an experienced kitchen cabinet manufacturer and it is now the largest cabinetry company in Asia. OPPEIN offers kitchen cabinets in different types.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Styles

OPPEIN offers three kitchen cabinet style to meet different tastes of various customers in different ages. These are modern kitchen cabinets, traditional kitchen cabinets and transitional kitchen cabinets for sale. If you are young and want to buy kitchen cabinets in trendy style, OPPEIN's modern kitchen cabinets will the best choice for you. If you like classical style like mid-century kitchen cabinet, you really need to check out the traditional style. You will find what you exactly need. Of cource we also have transational kitchen cabinet style for you if you like mixed style.

  • Kitchen Cabinets by Color

Kitchen cabinets in different colors are availeble in OPPEIN: White, gray, black, beige, brown, green, metallilc and more. White kitchen cabinets and gray kitchen cabinets are the most popular to the customers. White and grey can make your kitchen look more tidy. Black kitchen cabinets make your kitchen look more noble. If you want to make your home look more warm and cozy, green kitchen cabinet will be your good choice. Explore more coloful cabinets here in OPPEIN and make your best choice!

  • Kitchen Cabinets by Layout

You can find kitchen cabinets in various layouts in OPPEIN: L-shaped, U-shaped, galley, with island and more. If you have no ideas to choose L-shaped kitchen cabinet or U-shaped, feel free to talk to our expert. They will give you the best choice according to your house structure.

  • Kitchen Cabinets by Material

Which material do you prefer for you kitchen cabinet? OPEEIN offers solid wood cabinets, PVC cabinets, wood veneer, lacquer cabinets, acrylic kitchen cabinets, melamine cabinets, laminate cabinets, silver cabinets and more. Lacquer kitchen cabinets are more in modern style and it is lots of our customers'choice. You can also find wooden kitchen cabinet in different colors here if you like classic or rustic style kitchen cabinet.

  • Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet in OPPEIN

You can buy kitchen cabinet here in OPPEIN, you can also customize your own kitchen cabinet or even cutomize the whole kitchen here. OPPEIN offers kitchen cabinet customization from door panel, countertop, hardware, storage accsories and more detail s for your kitchen cabinet. We offer the following services: measurement, design, package, shipment, installation and warranty. If you want a custom kitchen cabinet, share your the floor plan and tell us what you need. Our expert will offer you the best option for you.