Modern Intelligent Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21405

Modern Intelligent Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21405
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Product Design: The new cabinet is based on the younger consumer group represented by the post-95s generation. Combined with the characteristics of young people, the designer adds more novel and practical functions, and brings this set of trendy products with powerful functions and high value to the contemporary young people who value vision, social interaction, experience and sharing.

Structural Layout: With the publicity and implementation of the concept of social kitchen, the young group represented by the post-95s generation has high awareness and strong resonance. This three-sided open G-shaped layout integrates many functions and is trendy and interesting: pet feeding, lifting sockets, side stoves, multi-trash bin disposal, garbage sorting, etc. re-shared features;

green kitchen-1440-600-1

Color Matching: Dark green is the mainstream color in 2021 and will continue to have an important proportion in the home furnishing market. In terms of color selection, this cabinet not only has the stability of household products, but also has a little escape to meet the individual pursuit of the post-95s crowd, bringing the feeling of rejuvenation of all things indoors. With mainstream light luxury elements: metal, glass, gold, etc., it combines retro advanced and futuristic sense of technology. It meets the aesthetics and value propositions of the younger crowd represented by the post-95s generation.

green kitchen-1440-600-2

green kitchen-1440-600-3

Craft Description: The embedded handle specially designed by the famous Italian designer Mark for OPPEIN, the unique shape design is the finishing touch of the product, the overall appearance is more delicate, and the handle is also very good in use.

Material Characteristics: UV Lacquer, the best partner of light luxury style, is one of the best choices for young people.

Function/Humanization: The hidden electrical cabinet design makes the product look more concise and atmospheric. The integrated stove is integrated into the use, allowing consumers to choose more, and the efficient use of the corner cabinet layout greatly improves the utilization rate of the corner cabinet and fully reflects the cost performance.

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About Products.
Q: Do you supply kitchen accessories and appliances together with kitchen cabinet?
A: Yes, we do. We also have our own brand as well as imported accessories and appliances. Contact us to get more details.
Q: What kinds of materials does OPPEIN kitchen use for doors?
A: Based material: MDF/Plywood/Particle board. More details please  check here
Door finishes: Solid wood, Wood veneer, Metal foil, Lacquer, PVC, Acrylic, Laminated, Melamine.Please find details from here
Q: What brand of hardware does OPPEIN use?
A: We use high quality hardware brand, such as Blum of Austria and Hettich of Germany. Explore more details about OPPEIN global partners .  
Q: How about warranty?
A: We supply 5-year warranty for  wood products and 1-year warranty for electrical appliance.
Q: What is your product range?
A: We supply customized kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,vanity,interior door and other intieror home furniture.
Q: Can you send your product catalogue?
A: Please download from our catalogue download page
About Price
Q: Can you send your price list?
A: We would like to give an idea about price for your reference, please send us your floor plan to get a custom price. Contact us to get more details.
Q: What kinds of payment term do you do?
A: Normally we accept T/T, 30% deposit should be paid before production, and balance paid before shipping.  Contact us to get more details.
Q: What price term do you do?
A: We quote FOB price if enough for one 20ft container, otherwise we quote EXW price. Contact us to get more details.
Q: Should I pay for your design?
A: We do not charge for design,  but should be paid before design as down payment, it will be used as deposit.
How to Buy
Q: I want to buy kitchen cabinet, what is process?
A: The first step is preparing your kitchen layout and telling us your requirements. Our sales will guide you in the rest steps .
Q: It is my first time to import from China, what should I do?
A: Please do not worry, we will recommend professional forwarder to help you arrange shipment.
Please find details from our delivery shipment page


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* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!