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  • Wardrobes & Walk-in Closets in OPPEIN

OPPEIN, as one of the best closet factories in China, has been the go-to place of many since 1994 regarding wardrobe and walk-in closet needs. Our company has improved so much through the years in terms of wardrobe types, color, design, and material.

  • Wardrobes Types

OPPEIN offers three types of fitted wardrobe for sale to match the various preferences of our customers. These are sliding wardrobes, hinged wardrobes, and walk-in closet. If you are looking for a modern storage solution and don’t need too much space in front, then a sliding wardrobe is ideal for your taste. If you prefer a traditional option and want to see the whole closet, then the hinged type is an appropriate choice. But if you really want to buy a wardrobe and make room for more essential items, then a walk-in closet is the best dressing room option.

  • Wardrobes by Color

Our customized wardrobes and walk-in closets come in various color selections. OPPEIN presents them in several colors, including black, white, beige, gray, and wood tone. White and beige are the most popular among homeowners in terms of painting their custom cabinets. The reason behind the color popularity is that white and soft neutral colors can cast light inside your China closet. But if you prefer a cozier customized walk-in closet, gray can be the shade that you need. Indeed, it is considered a neutral color, yet it still exudes a calming and comfortable vibe. Check out our samples to know what you should not miss.

  • Wardrobes by Material

Which material do you want for your customized wardrobe or walk-in closet? OPPEIN manufactures high-quality closets made from melamine, lacquer, wood grain, PVC, PP, solid wood, glass, acrylic, leather, and more. The majority of our customers’ choice, who order in wardrobe sets, buy closet in lacquer or wood material. Check out our list to know which material might suit your taste.

  • Wardrobes by Style

OPPEIN offers customized wardrobes and walk-in closets in three sets of designs to meet the needs of each customer. These are the traditional style, modern style, and transitional style of the closet for sale.

A traditional wardrobe style is an ideal choice if you prefer to set a classic closet in your room. But if you are seeking a chic and trendy style, then go for a modern customized closet. And if you are torn between two kinds, you can just opt for the transitional style custom wardrobe.

  • Customize Your Closet in OPPEIN

You can get your wardrobe and walk-in closet here in OPPEIN. The fun part is that you can customize your own closet and even its storage accessories. More than that, we offer additional services, such as design, measurement, package, shipment, installation, and warranty. So if you like to start planning on your project, we can help you sort out what you really want with a reasonable closet price. Check out our recent offers in the product section and contact us today!