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  • Bathroom Vanities For Sale in OPPEIN

Since OPPEIN specializes in whole-house design, it is not surprising that we are also experts in terms of the customized bathroom vanities wholesale. For almost three decades serving in the industry, we are proud to say that we only strive for the best things, particularly in your bathroom requirements.

  • Bathroom Vanities Styles

OPPEIN caters to your bathroom requirements like custom bathroom vanities. We offer three custom designs to meet the different needs of our customers. These are the traditional style, modern style, and transitional style. A traditional style is suitable to your taste if you prefer a classic-rustic design for your bathroom. But if you like a trendy or minimalist style, then contemporary bathroom vanity is what you need. Still, if you are aiming for both styles, you can achieve this by choosing OPPEIN’s transitional style where modern and traditional design is combined.

  • Bathroom Vanities by Material

Which material would you prefer for your custom bathroom vanities? OPPEIN offers solid wood, PVC, lacquer, acrylic, melamine, laminate, glass, and the likes. Most of our clients prefer wooden or lacquer materials because they exude modernity and simplicity. More than that, we offer tons of colors that you can choose from if you want to incorporate other styles.

  • Bathroom Vanities by Size

OPPEIN bathroom vanities are offered in three sizes – compact, medium, and large size. If your bathroom is small, then apparently, you only need a compact-sized custom bathroom vanity. It would be just a waste if you bought a large-sized one because it will eat a lot of space or even might not really fit in your bathroom space.

Nowadays, minimalist bathroom vanities are in demand, and OPPEIN also has them. So what are you waiting for? Check out our product collections and see what matches your home interior.

  • Bathroom Vanities by Color

Our customized bathroom vanities come in different color selections. OPPEIN presents them in black, white, gray, beige, brown, wood tones, metallic, and other colors. White, gray, and wood tones are the most common requested colors to bathroom vanity suppliers because they look more tidy and cozy to the eyes.

Here in OPPEIN, you can explore more colorful bathroom vanities and make the right choice for your bathroom space. Check our designs above, and if you wish to alter some plans, we are more than happy to assist you in product customization. 

  • Customize Your Bathroom Vanity in OPPEIN

Buy your custom bathroom vanity here in OPPEIN! The amazing part is that you can even plan and customize your own bathroom vanity or even the whole bathroom here. Oppein offers bathroom customization from door panels, cabinets, hardware, storage accessories, and more details for your bathroom vanity.

All the more, we provide extended services like designing, packaging, shipping, installation, and product warranty. So if you prefer a custom bathroom vanity service, contact us, and we will help you in any way that we can.