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Custom Bathroom Available in OPPEIN

+ Custom Bathroom Furniture in OPPEIN

OPPEIN's custom bathroom designs integrate traditional Chinese cultural concepts and European and American cutting-edge fashion design elements. We use the production advantages of benign interactive development between standardization and scale to create the best quality and cost-effective bathroom, provide consumers with high-end bathroom customization, and create a better and more comfortable high-quality daily life for the public. OPPEIN provides customers with product customization for the entire bathroom space. OPPEIN bathroom products include customized bathroom vanities , shower rooms, bathtubs, and smart toilets. OPPEIN is committed to creating a pure bathroom experience. OPPEIN's bathroom products use advanced waterproof and moisture-proof technology. We create high-quality bathrooms with world-renowned partners like Blum, Hettich, Jowat, Caesarstone and more.

+ Bathroom Vanity Wholesale in OPPEIN

+ Smart Toilet for Sale in OPPEIN

The waterproof level of OPPEIN's smart toilet reaches IPX4 level, which makes the smart toilet waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof. Ensure that the quality of the intelligent toilet is stable, safe and reliable. OPPEIN's smart toilets contain leakage protection. We use the national 3C certified anti-leakage protection plug to prevent leakage and 100% ensure safe use. The human skin contact sensor enables the smart toilet to open at one touch and has high sensitivity. Before the human body is seated, the toilet will lock the washing and drying functions to avoid false triggering.

+ Shower Room Wholesale in OPPEIN

OPPEIN's custom shower enclosures are produced using advanced intelligent production lines and have undergone rigorous product testing. Each shower room product needs to undergo rigorous testing, such as shower room structure, safety, waterproof, load-bearing and other tests. There are 30 series of shower rooms in OPPEIN, with a variety of styles, there is always one that can impress you. The shower room uses SG-level tempered glass, which has high impact strength, high safety and strong thermal stability. Each shower room comes standard with an automotive-grade explosion-proof membrane, which can effectively prevent the glass from breaking and hurting people caused by external forces.


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