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Interior Doors for Sale in OPPEIN

Looking for bedroom doors for sale? You're in the right place! As the top Interior door supplier in China, OPPEIN offer modern custom interior door wholesale in high quality. Our company has grown through the years and improved so much when it comes to the interior door types, styles, color, and configuration. If you look for Chinese doors for sale or look for interior door manufacturers in China, OPPEIN will be your best choice. We wholesale door around the world, you just need to tell us what you need. Please check out the following room doors for sale in OPPEIN.

Interior Doors Types by Opening Method

Swing Door for Sale

A sliding door is a kind of internal door commonly used in households, which refers to a door that can be pushed and pulled. Sliding interior doors originated in China. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, sliding interior doors have changed from traditional sheet surfaces to glass, fabric, rattan, and aluminum alloy profiles. From sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors. The function and scope of use of sliding doors are constantly expanding. OPPEIN is one of the best sliding interior door suppliers in China. In OPPEIN, you can choose sliding door customization of different sizes, multiple doors, and different materials for you to choose from.

Interior Doors Types by Material

Solid Wood Interior Doors for Sale

OPPEIN's titanium-magnesium alloy interior doors are made of TC4 alloy and processed through advanced technology. Our custom door wholesale is made of 1.2mm magnesium-aluminum alloy material, which has high strength, low density and anti-deformation. The titanium component of the alloy material is a special material for aviation, which is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion. Magnesium is a heat-dissipating metal and is the preferred interior door material for balconies and kitchens. The surface of the alloy door is a German treatment process, which will not fade or oxidize.

Armored Door/Security Door for Sale

The armored door has a steel core structure within a wooden panel. It is a security door with the textured appearance of a wooden door and the sturdy nature of a steel door. The armored door has excellent fire protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation functions. The door is equipped with a smart cat's eye: it can display outdoor visitor scenes indoors, can be linked with mobile phones, and can record and save visitors. The lock used by OPPEIN's armored door is Huitailong smart entry door lock: it can be connected with the smart cat's eye network, remote notification, and remote unlocking. The lock can also realize fingerprint, password, IC card unlocking. Different armored doors for indoor and outdoor use are available in different colors. As an excellent interior door manufacturer, OPPEIN wohlesale interior doors that look good and durable. Let us add high-quality details to your home. If you are looking for Chinese door factories, contact us now!