Practical small parts create high quality Oppein kitchen cabinet

“I am super carcass panel”

“I am super carcass panel”

● Excellent screw holding power ● Outstanding scratch resistant ● Heat resistant● Moisture proof and no infiltration ● Easy cleaning

Practical small parts create high quality Oppein ki.jpg

“Do stare at me, his skin is thicker than me”

● 20mm thick worktop ● Non-porous structure ● Household chemical resistant ● Color consistency ● As high as 93% of natural quartz stone particleoppein-kitchen-cabinet-2.jpg                        

 “I am muscle man”

● 50KG hanging capacity per bracket ● Safe and stable ● As long as 20 years of service lifeoppein-kitchen-cabinet-3.jpg           

“Want to cross my border line, NO WAY”

I am 5mm-wide drain line. As long as I am here, water drops can not invade to bully my beloved carcass brothers.oppein-kitchen-cabinet-4.jpg

“What, you are fat cat? I can support you effortlessly”

● 10KG bearing capacity ● Hidden installation, more beautiful


“I am shy, I do not want to be against you”

Back panel is 22mm away from wall, in order to keep ventilated and not to be damped.oppein-kitchen-cabinet-6.jpg

“I am small, buy still very useful”

Inside the carcase, awkward corners are always hard to reach and clean. Dustproof corner solves this problem smartly.oppein-kitchen-cabinet-7.jpg

“Well, do not try to slip me down”

Brushed aluminum edge band enhances carcase looks and avoid your storage falling down.oppein-kitchen-cabinet-8.jpg

“I am Blum, the furniture hardware king”

● Last 200,000 times of circle test ● Endure severe salt spray test and rustproof ● Silent movementoppein-kitchen-cabinet-9.jpg

“I like silence, please let me stay alone”

Soft damper silences door movement and protect doors from shocks as well.-oppein-kitchen-cabinet-10.jpg

“I am Blum, the furniture hardware king”

● 150,000 times of circle test ● Carrying capacity as high as  50KG

Practical small parts create high quality Oppein ki (1).jpg

“Carcase Captain is coming”

On the top of each base unit, aluminum rail is configured to reinforce carcase construction.Practical small parts create high quality Oppein ki (2).jpg

“Small, but lift all”

● Hettich adjustable leg, made of high quality PS ● 500KG of bearing capacity ●  Corrosion resistant and waterproofPractical small parts create high quality Oppein ki (3).jpg

“I am waterproof foil layer”

● Made of aluminum or steel foil ●  For sink cabinet ●  Protect carcase panels from water and moisturekitchen-cabinet-14.jpg

“Carcase also needs to breathe”

Inside electrical appliance cabinets, the metal vent helps dispel accumulated heating and avoid possible

“Rehau –best edge band in the world”

● Germany Rehau edge band, one of the best in the world ● Germany Jowat holt-melt adhesive, eco-friendly ● Banding quality assured by HOAMG automatic machine ● No wrapping & long lastingoppein-kitchen-cabinet-16.jpg

“I am hidden to support and balance weights from countertop”

Under the countertop, aluminum bars support the countertop and balance possible impacts from cooking operation.quality-oppein-kitchen-cabinet-17.jpg