Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should Know

A detailed overview of some of the popular kitchen cabinet styles - shaker kitchen cabinet, modern kitchen cabinet, handless kitchen cabinet and more.


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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should Know. The cabinetry is the most important design element in any kitchen makeover, but with so many alternatives available—and so many alluring color possibilities—choosing style and color may be absolutely overwhelming. 

Here's a brief rundown of the most common kitchen cabinet types to take some of the mystery out of the equation. Consider one of these styles best matches your budget, aesthetic,  and cleaning habits before buying kitchen cabinets. Let's get started!

Shaker Style Cabinets

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should Know

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Shaker cabinets are among the most iconic kitchen cabinet styles. Why? This design creates an excellent mix between classic and contemporary. It's ornamental, but it's also lighter in weight than a classic cabinet.

Shaker cabinets are a great choice for anyone who likes transitional style because of their adaptability. They are simple in design, featuring a basic door with a raised outside border. This minimalist canvas provides a lot of freedom for creativity, allowing you to experiment with different color combinations, hardware designs, and more. The basic lines and flat-panel doors of Shaker cabinets make them easy to maintain and customize.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet


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Contemporary cabinets are distinguished by their lack of adornment and simplicity of design, and they are available in a variety of materials. Doors are often flat panels with a complete overlay and little to no molding or trim, creating a simple, clean appearance. This type of cabinetry is commonly made from naturally dyed wood with little texture, like maple. 

The most common colors for painting are deep blues, white, black, and gray, although practically any hue will work. A modern kitchen may easily accommodate bright yellow or orange, and cabinetry can be coated in lacquer for an ultra-sleek look or high-gloss.

Country/ Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinet

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should Know

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Country or rustic cabinets are nearly usually painted, and the most common color is white, although other colors including yellow, charcoal gray, red, and black are also becoming more fashionable. There could be some matching and blending of hues and cabinet designs throughout the area, but the overarching color theme is guided by casual preference.

Rustic kitchen cabinets are distinguished by a concentration on the raw elements of wood, sometimes with attention to wood grain, a distressed appearance, and a lack of ornate design. At best, it's the essence of mountain cabin vacations and true country farmhouses, since a too exact interpretation of this aesthetic might look outmoded in more modern places.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should Know

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Traditional is the most stately cabinetry design, frequently decorated with ornately carved elements and inspired by Europe's golden period. The doors frequently have elevated panels and, on occasion, an arched pattern. Traditional cabinets are often made of dark-colored woods, although carved features may be finished with an antiquing or glossy appearance.

Traditional cabinetry appears antiquated to some and timeless to others, with elements like raised panels, beadboard detailing, and other frills that have become more rare as current preferences embrace an uncomplicated aesthetic.

Open Shelving Kitchen Cabinet

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should Know

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Open shelving is resurfacing as a kitchen cabinet support element, breaking up the routine of a wall of similar cabinets. Floating shelves with a deep stain offer character and a focal point to this sleek modern all-white kitchen. 

Open shelving might be a fantastic alternative if you want to organize items on shelves and wouldn't want to fill every blank surface with clutter. However, if you are sloppy and find visual clutter annoying, reconsider. Know yourself, as with all things stylish; when it comes to functional kitchen designs, choose function above aesthetics for the most useable result.

Handless Kitchen Cabinets


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If you're a committed minimalist with costly taste, you'll like the handleless kitchen cabinet style's elegance. For years, the style has led the design specifications in Nordic nations, often linked with a modern European aesthetic. Cabinets can be operated using channel, lip, groove, or finger-pull actions, or with a tap latch or push mechanism.

Handleless kitchen cabinets mix nicely with many design types.  It can work just as well in contemporary high-gloss interiors, mid-century chic kitchens, and Nordic minimalist interiors as it does in contemporary vacation homes or luxury mountain chalets.

Custom Cabinets


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Custom cabinets are constructed just for your space, maximizing both form and function—but they may be expensive. Custom cabinetry is the most expensive choice. However, their design may be absolutely unique, indicating that this is the option to go if you truly want to make your ideal kitchen a reality.

This adaptability allows bespoke cabinets to complement a wide range of design styles, as well as bright paint colors and eye-catching accessories. Custom cabinets, as one might think, come in a variety of sizes, designs, and kinds.


The list of eight popular kitchen cabinets that we have compiled for you today is guaranteed to be light and enjoyable for you to learn from and appreciate. Did we mention you can just purchase some of these cabinets from OPPEIN to add to your kitchen? So there you have it! Contact us, for a free quote.

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