10 Popular Bathroom Cabinet Colors

A brief overview of the 10 most beautiful bathroom cabinet colors.

10 Popular Bathroom Cabinet Colors


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Choosing cabinet paint colors is among the most difficult aspects of home design since there are so many elements to consider, such as lighting, flooring tones, other undertones in the room,  wall colors, and so on. As a result, experimenting with a hue that has a proven track record and is a successful seller is an excellent starting point to begin narrowing down your options. So I compiled a plethora of lovely custom bathroom cabinets in a variety of colors to assist you in determining which paint color is ideal for your home bathroom. Use these 10 lovely paint color ideas to inspire your next shower room renovation.



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A bright clean white bathroom is the perfect definition of a classic bathroom. Despite the fact that white cabinets and walls are a very simple theme, this style can be incredibly dramatic and elegant. We like the notion of breaking up the appearance with various tones. If all white is too much for you, consider brightening things up with a light wood touch or softer neutral tones. To keep things interesting, choose colorful accessories like pink, yellow, or green.

Tans and Lighter Warm Grays


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Warm grays are very common and the most popular color trend today. Thanks to undertones that are now better matched (cold and warm tones) than they were in the previous two years' cooler gray trends. The color combo is also an outstanding trend in cabinetry due to its virtually perfect blended undertone. Consider blending a  light warm gray with enough brightness to avoid seeming overly sterile and frigid.



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Taupe is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to achieve a neutral but yet add some warmth to your bathroom. There are various taupe varieties to select from, each providing a slightly distinct tone to the bathroom space. A more brownish taupe seems more earthy, whilst a more gray variant appears moodier and more contemporary. Try a brighter shade of taupe with a purple foundation for a pop of color.



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This color adds a spark of vitality to your decor without being too overpowering. It looks great when used with bright white tones to give a stylish and classy bathroom look. To soften it up, combine it with natural brown hues for a more natural look. Try a variant of this hue with a gray backdrop instead for a somewhat more subdued version that actually gives you a serene sensation.

Navy Blue


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Navy blue is a sleek, classic, and noticeable choice for dramatic bathroom paint colors. It makes a beautiful contrast when contrasted with white. Navy blue may be used to inspire a variety of bathroom designs, including naval, classic, and preppy. With a high gloss, it pops out on bathroom cabinets. The more reflecting the paint covering, the more enduring it is, which is critical in a busy bathroom.

Ash Gray


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Modern-Minimalist-Lacquer-Bathroom-Cabinet-PLWY20061  

For a modern take on classic gray, use the cold tones of marble and granite in your paintwork. Dark wood flooring warms up the color, while brilliant white trim gives color scheme contrast to keep the whole look from looking boring. A black vanity adds a sophisticated touch to these trendy bathroom color palettes.



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Charcoal has a sleek, contemporary vibe that readily cozies up with accessories and patterns. It is darker than other shades of grey but just not as aggressive as black. Natural components, such as this bathroom's raw-wood vanities, assist to ground the tone and demonstrate that a place doesn't need vivid hues to be intriguing. Most people prefer trendy bathroom paint colors that may also be used to paint or decorate tubs for a unified effect.



Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/bathroom-cabinet-bc16-p01  

Brown is the color you use if you want to create a relaxing, earthy atmosphere in your bathroom. Brown, in whatever shade, gives a really relaxing, spa-like ambiance. When coupled with metallic gold hardware, a dark chocolate brown provides a more dramatic effect and looks rather sophisticated. A moderate tone is more relaxing and complements details in neutral shades. A softer light brown can serve as a neutral background for accent colors such as beige, cream, or soft blue.

Blue Gray


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When it comes to promoting a calm and quiet environment, beige is not the only choice. To create a relaxing vibe, this bathroom combines muddied-up colors of blue and gray with soft cream accents. An ornamental band around the bathroom's periphery extends the color scheme and optically widens the area, while a few dashes of black spruce up the space.

Cream White


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If you find a bright, crisp white too overpowering, try a creamy white with a caramel warm undertone. This traditional white brings warmth to a cooler, darker area. This lovely neutral goes great with softer color combinations like light pink, gentle lavender, or vintage-look metallics. It's a conventional pick, but it's far from dull.


We hope that our list of top 10 bathroom cabinet colors helped shed light on your next bathroom renovation. Take note that adding extra color to the lavatory isn't restricted to painting the cabinets and walls. Consider sprucing up your space with our vast catalog of colored bathroom vanities, at OPPEIN.

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