Phase 1 – Perfect Start of 118th Canton Fair


On the first day of 118th Canton Fair, OPPEIN booth drawed lots of customers’ attention at scene. Many clients took a luggage with them, perhaps they went to fair straightly from airport. Any way, canton fair is a big fair which attracted lots of purchasers in various industry. Among hundreds of booths, OPPEIN is so unique because of  its competitive products and service. What were clients curious about at OPPEIN booth? OPPEIN built-in home displayed a mini studio & house solution firstly, though small perfectly formed. Then another booth displayed OPPEIN doors, its good quality detail and craft impressed customers. The crowd filled both of these two booths.




Canton Fair is still on, and OPPEIN story is still on, from 15th to 19th of phase 1, 24th to 27th of phase 2, OPPEIN is always waiting for your coming and preparing to serve you.


Free Shuttle Service from Complex to OPPEIN

Now let’s review what’s happening at OPPEIN booth:

Exhibits at Booth

1. Mini studio which included bedroom, kitchen, workroom, display room and upstairs. I couldn’t  help loving this studio when I saw it at my first glance,  because I had dreamed a studio like it for long time. Exactly had a  warm bed under upstairs, with a work desk, book cabinet beside. Then if you want to have relax for a while, just in display room and have a drink, entertain yourself with computer. It is convenient to prepare a dinner at kitchen, it made of high gloss lacquer panel, used white and green colors which were concise and positive. Combined with high quality appliances. This kitchen cabinet was popular at booth and attracted many inquiries.

2. OPPEIN doors.  OPPEIN doors always impressed clients from different areas.  Their good quality materials and hardwares ensure long shelf life.


OPPEIN good quality Doors


Kitchen Cabinet of Built-in Home


Display Cabinet of Built-in Home



Professional Service From OPPEIN Sales Consultants:

OPPEIN sales consultants were always professional to answer whatever quesitons clients ask. They have lot of products knowledge and can give customers a better guide to choose most suitable products and solution. And they were always with simle and patient.




5 Details of Canton Fair

1. Provide Wifi. OPPEIN is so thoughtful to provide clients free wifi to connect internet.

2. QR code. Want to know more about the material of panels? Perfectly, every piece of panel has a QR code on its face, scan it and you can view more details.

3. Free shuttle service. OPPEIN provide clients shuttle service from Comples to OPPEIN company.

4. Cute and Pratical gift – OPPEIN-made playing cards. Its front side printed OPPEIN furniture products and the corresponding material on the back.

5. One Small Random Act of mutual supportting between OPPEINers, OPPEIN is like a warm home full of love.


OPPEIN gift – OPPEIN-made Playing Cards


QR code on panel face


Free 4G wifi internet serve


OPPEIN love among colleages


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!