OPPEIN Wins Gold Awards in MUSE Design Awards 2022

Oppein 2022 new furniture set Star Atlas (also known as Starto) was selected as the gold winner for furniture design category by MUSE Design Awards.


As an international competition, the MUSE Design Awards has received thousands of entries from different countries. The awards recognize designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms. And Oppein's newly designed furniture set Star Atlas became the gold winner in 2022 for its outstanding futuristic concept, exquisite details, and eco-friendly performance.


"Star Atlas" is a custom cabinetry series with an avant-garde and highly futuristic design intended to convey the modern aesthetics of domestic furnishing. Inspired by the universe, this design represents the design team's exploration of the past and vision for the future. The intricate weave finishes and smooth line patterns in the space create a harmonious balance between retro and futuristic styles.


Using formaldehyde-free green panels for cabinet doors makes this furniture set an impressive work of environment and health protection. Various details complement the design, like the ergonomically-based embedded metal handle, which is easy to grip and beautiful to ornament.



Moreover, miform, the deluxe integrated furnishing brand of Oppein, also won MUSE Design Award 2022. Whole-house design - Sicilia won the gold award in the interior design category.


Using simple artistic structures and multiple fine textures, this interior design interprets the relationship between modern urbanites and residential spaces. It reveals the occupants' delicate and romantic tastes, as well as their pursuit of quality living.


Oppein strives to provide its customers with high-quality interior solutions by constantly innovating in design. And as a newly-launched brand of Oppein, miform shares the same spirit of creativity in its design process. Research and development is crucial to the success of a company, and with a strong commitment to developing better living solutions for consumers, we will continue to present the world with more and more unique designs.


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