OPPEIN Unveils a New Brand 'miform' for the High-end Market

  • Acquisition and Revitalization, A New Brand Launch

To fulfill the increasing demand for high-quality home furnishing, a variety of high-end customized furnishing brands from China or overseas have been entering the market one after another. Based on its analysis of China's high-end customized furnishing market, in May, OPPEIN acquired FORMER, an Italian high-end home furnishings brand, showing its determination to compete in the high-end market.

With more than 50 years of history, FORMER is one of the most prestigious Italian high-end furniture brands. FORMER's performance has always been exemplary due to its excellent product quality, fine workmanship, and innovative styles.

FORMER specializes in the manufacture of furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, including custom-made wardrobes. Designed to organize and divide spaces, FORMER's furniture can create a sense of space and comfort, and provide extraordinary solutions to the home's interior design needs.


In China, miform is the only brand of integrated home furnishings registered by FORMER Italy. It is operated and managed independently by FORMER (China), a wholly owned subsidiary of FORMER Italy. This brand launch indicated that FORMER (China) is preparing to enter China's high-end customized furnishing market under the name of MIFORM.

  • Bring the "Milanese Artistic Home" to the Market

Miform keeps pace with the trends in the high-end custom furniture market. Its aim is to provide high-end whole-house furnishing solutions to elite consumers, with one-stop-shop services to make the purchasing experience as enjoyable as possible. Meanwhile, miform's mission is consistent with the business strategy of OPPEIN integrated furnishing - to create an international high-end brand.

Zhang Chuanxi, the founder of China Huate Customized Club, believes that high-end, customized furniture brands must be tested over time before establishing a brand DNA with an exclusive value. For companies with sufficient funds and excellent operational capabilities, the best way to enter China's high-end market is to acquire an established international high-end brand. OPPEIN acquired FORMER, which has brought us an innovative idea, and the new brand miform is expected to become a top-ranked high-end integrated furnishing brand in China in the future.


With the brand concept "Milanese Artistic Home", Miform possesses a refined, Italian design. Mario Pavone, the founder and president of Shenzhen Huangque International Design Co., Ltd., was specially invited to share his thoughts about "Milanese Artistic Home" at the brand launch.


miform's general manager Zhang Jinsong said "miform stands for Milano and Former, which means Elegant and Luxury Style from Milan. Its core brand concept is 'Milanese Artistic Home'. With a focus on design, quality, and material, we aim to establish a strict standard and offer Italian artistic home furnishings to high-end families worldwide. Moreover, our business model is based upon a unique product system for integrated home furnishings. For the design concept, we chose Italian aesthetics, modern luxury for the style of the product, and precision manufacturing for quality assurance. miform will provide platform-based operating models and mutual integration to develop the deluxe custom home industry."


Li Chuanhu, the head of the miform lab, presented some details about the new collections of miform high-end customized furnishings. "miform has developed an integrated home furnishing system based on FORMER's day/night furniture collection, offering consumers a one-stop solution for kitchen cabinets, built-in cabinets, wooden doors, wall boards, bathroom vanities, kitchen appliances, furniture, and intelligent home systems." He said.


From a comprehensive perspective, miform is an international high-end integrated furnishing brand, as well as the only integrated furnishing brand of FORMER China. The company will launch several series in the future in order to interpret the miform style, meet diverse demands from elite consumers, and ultimately lead the industry to a new level.

  • Lead the Design Trend of High-end Customized Furnishings

An interior design forum, which was held on the same day, discussed the evolution of humanized design and aesthetics in the age of custom-made furniture, and offered some brilliant ideas about home decor trends.


By combining Italian aesthetics with strong manufacturing capabilities, miform will be a competitive high-end brand in China's market and become the brand of choice for HNWIs.


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