OPPEIN Travels Through America, B2B Projects in the Region

It has been a successful year for Oppein's business, and we are still exploring and improving as the year comes to a close. From December 2022 to February 2023, business development manager Jacob will travel through America from north to south.

Having managed over 115 B2B business projects, Jacob has proven to be a professional and responsible representative of Oppein. During this travel, he will mainly focus on consultations on local projects, franchise opportunities, and visiting local franchisees. Oppein welcomes new clients and partners to make further consultations during business travel. Following is the itinerary for your reference.


Since 2002, Oppein has entered the furniture market in North and South America. In these years, we have done some impressive projects, and now let's see how we made Oppein's name in the Canada, USA, and Mexico.

OPPEIN in CANADA:Victoria Garden & 847 Development Dr


Source: https://www.vicgdn.com/ 

In 28 years, we have welcomed more and more partners into the family. There are over 7,900 Oppein franchisees in 128 countries. With that, we can provide local clients with a direct connection from design to installation. For example, the following are two apartment projects Oppein did with the assistance of local franchisees in Canada. Clients had visited the local showroom for face-to-face consultations, and our franchisee had worked closely with the headquarters to offer a complete range of services, including onsite measurement, installation, and maintenance after the sale. We empowered our franchisees, and they empowered us in turn. The successful completion of these projects is entirely the result of our excellent cooperation.



One of the challenges of these two projects is the fact that there are many different layouts within the building. So we had to create several designs to fit these residences. Fortunately, there was (and still is) a highly qualified team of designers at headquarters. Our team of designers provided more than six interior plans with cabinetry in two materials and four colors. Builders commented, "We were amazed at how each room could have a unique design just by mixing and matching." It took only four days to complete and confirm the final design solutions. As we have always said, efficiency is just as important as quality.

By providing solutions for different layouts, these two buildings acquired the most appropriate furnishings and were ready to be occupied by their owners.



For cabinetry customization, clients required new processes for the lacquered cabinets, which is never an issue for the intelligent and innovative Oppein factory. Our R&D team spent only one week working on the double-shaker cabinet doors and eventually developed a new production line for the order. We believe that no task is impossible if you have the ambition to accomplish it. And this is one of the reasons we have a high level of client satisfaction.

OPPEIN in USA:1554 Market Street Development



Over the past few years, Oppein and R&F Group have developed a strong business relationship. Thus, when R&F Group was planning a new development project in San Francisco, they chose to use furniture and cabinetry from Oppein - the No.1 home furnishing brand in China. It was a great pleasure to offer premium products for this newly-built development, and we have delivered the best results possible.


Oppein's comprehensive project support system, from design to production to delivery, allowed us to complete this project professionally. As a professional project partner, we provided four different solutions with different budgets to ensure that the client could choose according to their particular needs. "There is always a way to suit your needs." was what Oppein told every client.


Here, we would like to explain how Oppein inspects every patch. With extensive experience in handling projects, we never overlook any detail of our products. As soon as the cabinets are manufactured, our quality control specialists inspect them to ensure that their dimensions, surfaces, and sturdiness are satisfactory. Our products are sure to be of high quality and precision since we use advanced manufacturing systems from German HOMAG and conduct a premium supply chain.



The client from Mexico had never heard of Oppein and had consulted several companies in China as a comparison. Ultimately, our professionalism gained their trust, resulting in a successful collaboration. "Efficiency is critical. You have shown how much you care about our business, and this efficient communication between us was the fundamental reason we chose Oppein." Said the project manager of the company.


For starters, we reviewed the design requirements and provided a complete set of 2D plans & 3D renderings in a week. And regarding budget concerns, there were five solutions available with different materials and designs, allowing the client to select the most appropriate solution for their business. As part of our B2B offerings, we will organize a detailed presentation to illustrate the solutions we can provide, offering recommendations based on an estimate of the particular project.

For high-end performance, we provided the apartments with high-gloss handleless cabinets, and the modern appearance attracted a great deal of attention. Consistency in the designs and the quality of the actual cabinets was a major factor in the client's satisfaction. Oppein would be a name they are proud to put on their apartment sales page.

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