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OPPEIN Team in Australia — Melbourne

31 May 2012


2012 is the year of OPPEIN in Australia, and the year of Aussie in OPPEIN. The giant group leading the Chinese kitchen cabinets industry is heading to the Aussie world. The trip ends, but the step to explore continues..Now, we are sharing the harvests at this lovely land with you in series.

The first station:Melbourne:

120711-120723 OPPEIN in Melbourne

OPPEIN exported to Australia since 2004, and Melbourne is the 1st stop. Especially in the past two years, business in Melbourne exploded, and OPPEIN has become one of the most favorite Chinese Kitchen Cabinets Supplier in Melbourne Builders Group.

OPPEIN attends BHIE, and old friends come to say hello.

OPPEIN Team in Australia — Melbourne

The sales lady, Ms Becky is explaining to OPPEIN new customers patiently

OPPEIN Team in Australia — Melbourne

After the show, OPPEIN Team visited in total 15 customers in Melbourne, who enjoyed with OPPEIN’s cooperation, who expressed their attachment to OPPEIN kitchen cabinets, and who shared their further expectations at OPPEIN. And for sure, the whole OPPEIN group would spare no effort to upgrade itself for better products with better service.


OPPEIN Team in Australia — Melbourne

OPPEIN kitchens in Customer’s showhouse

OPPEIN Team in Australia — Melbourne

On 23th, July, OPPEIN Australia team is leaving for next stop – Taz, where they will sign the 1st distribution agreement, and enjoyed the fantastic view at this great island. You won’t missed it.

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