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OPPEIN On Show in Korea MBC Expo For The First Time

19 April 2019

The 39th MBC construction EXPO is a 4 days event being held from 27th August to 30th August at the KINTEX – Korea International Exhibition Center in Goyang, Korea. This event showcases products like Building Materials, Flooring Stone, Interior DIY, Wooden House, Construction Information.  And the exhibition covers an area of 10773 square meters.

【EXPO Contact Info】

-Period:27th-30th Aug

-Booth number: Hall 1,N-104

-Contact Person: John (Showroom Boss)  |  Tom (CEO)


-Mob: +82-10-4738-1809 |  +82-10-9973-6747

ㅡ39회 MBC 건축박람회

ㅡ기간 : 8월 27~30일

ㅡ부스 위치 : 1번 섹션,N-104

ㅡ대표자 : 정영훈(John)

ㅡ번호 : 010-4738-1809

【Korean Showroom Info】


Add:414, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

서울시 서초구 효령로 414 정성빌딩

This is the first time for OPPEIN to attend MBC construction EXPO with our local dealer in South Korea, it means that OPPEIN will start to serve in Korean furniture market.  Since it is all the beginning in Korea, we really meet some difficulties, we really hope that this event can achieve a good respond and leave a good impression for Korean customers.

Now let’s take a preview of OPPEIN booth and exhibition sample which will appear at the KINTEX on August 27,  welcome to OPPEIN booth at that time, so that you can operate OPPEIN products by yourself.

OPPEIN On Show in Korea MBC Expo For The First Time

There are 3 kitchen cabinets on show at one side of  the booth and another side will display several wooden interior doors. All these styles of products are in line with the local favor and design inspired by Korean culture.

OPPEIN On Show in Korea MBC Expo For The First Time

If you want to contact with OPPEIN group for more cooperation, please contact with OPPEIN sales manager Ann An:

TEL: +86-20-36733633

MOB: +86-20-13694298539


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