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OPPEIN connects Huawei's Hilink platform



OPPEIN and Huawei held a strategic cooperation conference


On August 10th, OPPEIN and Huawei held a strategic cooperation conference at the 2019 Huawei Developer Conference. Mr. Tan Qinxing, Vice President of OPPEIN and Huawei's chief business officer, Shao Yang, IoT product line president Zhi Hao confirmed the cooperation between IoT and smart home.


OPPEIN will fully connect Huawei's Hilink Platform to achieve an eco-win-win situation and bring better IoT solutions and smart home experiences to consumers.


Smart Home Trend In The Future




OPPEIN shows its Smart Home Design in every detail which makes life easier and better.



Smart Home Trend In The Future


Ergonomics & Space Utilization



We care about our consumers and conduct in-depth analysis in terms of ergonomics and space utilization combined with targets' preference and lifestyles, aiming to deliver you a well-arranged and comfortable space.

Smart Home Trend In The Future


Kitchen Work Triangle & Ergonomics



OPPEIN well-planned work triangle minimizes traffic and greatly improves your cooking efficiency. We offer different worktop depths and heights tailored to users' needs, making your tasks easier and more comfortably.





We have selected several of the most popular smart cabinet products, To see more about smart homes, please contact us.




1. Electrical rising design


Press the button gently, the cabinet hiding in the island will rise automatically. Modern kitchens cleverly hide the storage cabinets or kitchen electric machine into it which makes the life more convenient.


Feature: Space saving, Beautiful appearance




2. Touch sense doors


When your hands are holding stuffs, you can just lean on the door, and it can auto-open. After pressing the button, the door of a high cabinet can close automatically.


Feature: High technology, User-friendly




3. Smart high cabinet basket


High cabinet basket is used to store large and heavy pots and jars that are hard to carry out. To make your life easy, we design a smart basket. When pressing a button, the basket can pull out automatically.


Feature: Strong storage, High bearing capacity




4. Smart countertop


When hosting a party, the countertop for food preparing is not enough. If you use this smart countertop, you can add more space for your kitchen and make your cooking more efficient.


Feature: Artificial intelligence, Time saving


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