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Generally, kitchenettes are considered to be crowded and uncomfortable while a kitchen with a sense of design is bound to be large and spacious. Here we have 5 space saving kitchenettes, which are all with a strong sense of design and an effective utilization of space.
NO.1 Nordic Style Kitchenette

Open shelves

-make full use of corner space


The Nordic style kitchenette which is just 6 square meters, looks very spacious since there are several open shelves in the corner.


These open shelves really take full advantage of the space in the corner, they enable you to put your dishes, forks and cutlery on the shelves. Besides, you can make some racks for kitchen utensils to release you of worrying of finding other places to put them on.



NO.2 Modern Kitchenette

Wall cupboards

-take full advantage of height space


The U-shaped modern kitchenette is 8 square meters. In addition to the style, it is worth noting that the wall cupboards of the kitchenette are all heightened, which can really increase the space utilization of the cabinets and place more kitchenware in them. Besides, less commonly used kitchen supplies can be put there.




NO.3 American Style Small Kitchen

Combination of wall cupboards

-space maximization


With a mixture style of traditional and modern, the 12㎡ American-style small kitchen is relatively small in the layout of a house.


Scattered combination of wall cupboards is one of the most obvious features of American style cabinets. Since the distance of the wall cupboards and cabinets is only 450 millimeter instead of 650 millimeter, which improves the utilization rate of the space.



NO.4 Modern Straight-line Small Kitchen

Multiple cupboards

-to put more kitchen utensils


With several cupboards, the 10㎡small kitchen shows a straight line layout and modern style.


This modern small kitchen has several closets for space using without affecting the operating table space. Just see the cupboards on the left above the kitchen, with a collision color design, less commonly used kitchen utensils can be placed on it.



NO.5 Japanese Style Small Kitchen

Pulling structure

-largely increase the kitchen space


The 10㎡Japanese style small kitchen, symbolized by the mixture of wood and white color, appeals its pure and practical. Composed of cold storage area, small household electrical appliances and storage area, the combination of the high cabinets greatly increase the kitchen space. In addition, the pulling structure of the area below the waist of the high cabinets makes the users more convenient.




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