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1) Melamine board is economical but practical. It is the most popular door panels in OPPEIN over the years with plenty of color and pattern choices.
2) Melamine board is scratch & impact resistant, heat proof, and not liable to discolor or warp
3) Surface is flat and smooth, easy to clean. It not only adapts to the wet kitchen environment, but also creates graceful and practical
What is Melamine
Generally, kitchenettes are considered to be crowded and uncomfortable while a kitchen with a sense of design is bound to be large and spacious. Here we have 5 space saving kitchenettes, which are all with a strong sense of design and an effective utilization of space.


White Wood / Dark Wood + White/ White + Wood/ Grey +Wood
OPPEIN New Melamine Products


Features: White + Light Wood Color / Modern Kitchen Style

Area Size: 8-10 (m2 )

Product Feature: L-Shape

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Door Size: 1764*1894 (mm)

Product Feature: Sliding Door

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Single Cabinet Size: 450*525*480(mm)

Product Feature: Wall-Mounted Cabinet

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Features: Grey + Light Wood Color / Modern Kitchen Style

Area Size: 9-12 (m2 )

Product Feature: Straight Line

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Door Size: 1764*1914 (mm)

Product Feature: Sliding Door

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Single Cabinet Size: 500*525*510(mm)

Product Feature: Wall-Mounted Cabinet

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OPPEIN Real Melamine Projects


Melamine is an ideal door and cabinet material, which is the mainstream type of kitchen cabinets and being widely used in worldwide.
Melamine has been popular used in north America area for many years. People of coastal area in USA and Canada like New York, Chicago, LA, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebe, Vancouver are likely to use it while choosing a new cabinet or renovating it.
As melamine door panel is economical and practical, it is perfect for those who like modern minimalist style and budget-conscious homeowners.

Baton Rouge River House | 224 Units

Louisiana, USA

Federal Ave Villa Project | 4 Units

Los Angeles, USA

Kenya Riverside Palace Project | 30 Units

Nairobi, Kenya

Saskatoon Apartment | 69 Units

Saskatoon, Canada

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