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Delivery &ShipmentDelivery &Shipment
If you have experience in international importing and exporting, you can solve the delivery & shipment problem by yourself. If not, we are happy to assist you. Learn about detailed delivery process below first:
delivery & shipment
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    01.Oppein Factory
  • 02.Export Transportation

    (Chinese Forwarder)

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    03.Port of Loading

    (Export Customs Clearance)

  • 04.Ocean Shipping

    (Ship company)

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    05.Port of Destination

    (Import Customs Clearance)

  • 06.Import Transportation

    (Local Forwarder)

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    07.Customer Location.
Through the process below, our customers only need to do 2 steps:
From Factory to Port of Loading.
  • 1. Customer

    Offer your destination port address and contact information to Chinese forwarder

  • 2. OPPEIN

    Offer volume and weight of the products to Chinese forwarder

  • 3. Chinese Forwarder

    Contact with ship company for the shipping space

  • 4. Chinese Forwarder

    Deal with export transportation. Arrange trucks to transfer the products from the factory to the origin port

  • 5. Chinese forwarder

    Deal with export customs clearance..

During OceanShipping.
  • 1. Chinese Forwarder

    Monitor the cargo status. Inform customer if any irregularity occurs with regard to the customs declaration

  • 2. OPPEIN

    Offer customs clearance information to the customer or local forwarder

  • 3. Customer

    Confirm the arrival time of the goods with Chinese forwarder.

When Arriving Destination Port.
  • 1. Local Forwarder

    Deal with export customs clearance

  • 2. Local Forwarder

    Deal with transportation. Arrange trucks to transfer the products from destination port(warehouse) to customer’s designated location.