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Why Choose OPPEIN Factory
We have gain more than 20-year specialization in this field. OPPEIN products and services are recognized internationally by builders, contractors, project brokers, and building design companies. Over 128 countries & regions, 10,000 efficient projects have been finished.
Other Chinese Cabinetry factory Vs OPPEIN Factory
Many customers used to search products Chinese cabinetry factories. However, they always met the following problems…
Problems you may meetOur advantage
No guaranteed for product quality. As most smallfactories do not have own brand, product quality and after-sales service cannot be not guaranteed.
OPPEIN is the leading cabinet manufacturer in China with 20+ year experience. Product quality can be guaranteed as we adopt World-renowned material suppliers, Eco-friendly material standard, international certificates like FSQ. We also have extensive project service experience in overseas, we can handle the whole cooperation from production to after-sales.
Low cooperation credit. You may be afraid of cooperating with these small factories.
We are professional in exporting procedures and could help you deal with all matters. As a registered company in China, we comply with laws to do business. Until now, we obtain many praises from our customers and suppliers.
Limited choice. It’s hard to purchase most of yourneeded product in a factory.
We are a mature home furnishing company. As we have our own brand and factories, wide range of product lines including kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and other space products can be ordered directly in OPPEIN factory. We are confident to provide you with one-stop product selection and service.
Not professional in building materials. Hard to understand what customers need.
OPPEIN overseas team is mature with more than 10-year experience of global trade. The salesmen have strong communication skills and master all aspects of building materials knowledge, which can easily meet the needs of customers.
Chinese Trade Company Vs OPPEIN Factory
Many customers used to search products Chinese cabinetry factories. However, they always met the following problems…
Problems you may meetOur advantage
No independent factory, more circulation links, makes no price advantage.
Price advantage. OPPEIN have own brands and independent factories, reducing the difference between middle agent and the end customers.
Information communication lag.Product related information needs to be questioned by the factory before replying to the customer.
OPPEIN system integrates various resources and products in the home industry, provides professional services, and manage and operate more professionally and conveniently; Salesman communicates directly with the factory, the information transmission is fast and convenient, the error and communication time cost are reduced; Strong adaptability to provide a solution for problem; Skillful operation of a series of foreign trade processes such as LCL, freight, installation,
Most foreign trade companies are small in scale and have low trust for first overseas customers.
OPPEIN is a well-known Chinese listed company with extensive foreign trade experience. We are familiar with international trade processes, which is guaranteed for the first overseas purchase customer. Our business scope covers private residences, resorts, hotels, etc., retail and engineering projects are executable. We can indepen-dently provide one-stop service from on-site measurement to after-sales service in cooperation.
Product quality and delivery cannot be quickly and accurately controlled
OPPEIN strictly controls the selection of materials, materials must comply with international environmental standards, and pass various certifications like FSC, E1. We also work with internationally renowned parts suppliers like BLUM, improve production quality and efficiency with advanced German production machines.