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OPPEIN Product Enjoy High Popularity in Chile

19 May 2014

Recently, OPPEIN receives the market report from Chile, which shows the fact that OPPEIN products prevail in Chile.

Many Customers share with us the picture of their new kitchen cabinet, wardrobe after installation and express thanks and expression to us.

This is the picture he shared with us:

OPPEIN Product Enjoy High Popularity in Chile

The OPPEIN’s showroom in Chile made a promotion video with the local winery, which introduces some details about OPPEIN products. They invite the famous model in South American to cooperate with them.

Let’ s appreciate it together:

OPPEIN Product Enjoy High Popularity in Chile

Why people from more than 100 countries and regions have the same choice — OPPEIN? As one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the world, OPPEIN products of brilliant quality and humanistic design can meet your need. There are some distinctive features of our product:

Firstly, to ensure your family health, OPPEIN persist selecting the green plates which meet E1 standard; we adopt less formaldehyde and low volatility surface paint treatment.

Secondly, we tailor your kitchen based on cooking habits: Preparation zone, storage zone and cooking zone are deliberately considered in.

Thirdly, we add more intelligent elements to make your kitchen stylish and cool. That’s the reason why so many families trust OPPEIN and choose OPPEIN product.

Our showroom in Chile has been operating well since its establishment. We keep a good relationship with the local families, builders and construction companies. There is an ever-increasing trend in sale. Welcome to visit our showroom on spot!

ADD: Vitacura 3456, Local 6, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

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